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OIRDS V0.2 Released and Posted

OIRDS V0.2 Posted and now available for download.

OIRDS V0.2 includes 146 images with ~337 targets identified. Version 0.2 adds DataSet_3. The initial task for the OIRDS is Vehicle Target Detection.

The OIRDS includes imagery, imagery metadata, spreadsheets, & some MATLAB code to read the spreadsheets and display the code. More information is displayed on the documentation wiki page at:


Posted by Frank 2009-08-14


Thank you for stopping by the OIRDS demonstration table at CVPR. Please download and start experimenting with OIRDS v0.1 while the rest of the OIRDS is being developed. If you have questions, please submit to the OIRDS-Users list.

Posted by Frank 2009-06-26

Version 0.1 Released

A pre-release version of OIRDS has been posted and can be downloaded! Please start experimenting and contact us with your feedback.

Posted by Frank 2009-06-18


The OIRDS will be demonstrated at CVPR 2009 in Miami, FL. Please stop by our booth!

Posted by Frank 2009-05-15