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[r9952] (HEAD) by sinbad

Subversion is no longer being updated.

2010-03-21 17:40:56 Tree
[r9951] by nirhasson

Shader System Sample - Reflection map serialization fixed - (adjusted to new SubRenderStateFactory interface).

2010-03-20 18:24:25 Tree
[r9950] by nirhasson

- applied patch 2973405 - Extending/fixing rtss serialization and layer blend SRS
- solved duplicate sub-render state issues on the same pass caused by material inheritance by deleting the base sub-render state and insert the new sub render state.
- handle the case where the same sub render state instance is inserted more then once. (Layered blending on multiple texture units).

2010-03-20 18:22:55 Tree
[r9949] by sinbad

Patch 2968435: split Quaternion constructor into no-argument and 4-argument versions, to disallow construction with 1, 2 or 3 params which is almost guaranteed to be wrong
Also removes warnings with -Wshorten-64-to-32 and Ogre::Real as float

2010-03-20 18:10:15 Tree
[r9948] by sinbad

Patch 2963105: Add ability to set depth clear value on viewport

2010-03-20 18:04:10 Tree
[r9947] by sinbad

Patch 2955902: Add Grid3DPageStrategy for space scenes or similar

2010-03-20 17:12:22 Tree
[r9946] by sinbad

Patch 2952444: support float1-4, short1-4, colour and ubyte4 in texture coordinates in XML converter

2010-03-20 16:56:16 Tree
[r9945] by sinbad

Patch 2907199: Use std::set instead of std::list to avoid performance problems with many listeners on a single resource

2010-03-20 14:59:51 Tree
[r9944] by masterfalcon

GLES 2: Remove a bunch of accidentally copied function pointers

2010-03-20 06:31:06 Tree
[r9943] by masterfalcon

- Blending modes for GLSL ES.
- A couple small other fixes.

2010-03-20 01:43:57 Tree
[r9942] by masterfalcon

RTSS: Add function input qualifiers for GLSL(keeps us forward compatible)

2010-03-20 01:33:05 Tree
[r9941] by masterfalcon

OpenGL ES 2:
- Support for shared depth buffers
- Setting polygon mode(for wireframe)
- Fixed a few typos and other various cleanup

2010-03-20 01:30:24 Tree
[r9940] by masterfalcon

Allow the RTSS sample to run on GL ES 2.

2010-03-20 01:17:57 Tree
[r9939] by masterfalcon

Somehow these files got their contents duplicated.

2010-03-20 01:13:35 Tree
[r9938] by masterfalcon

Use the device's screen size to determine the default screen size on iPhone OS platforms.

2010-03-20 01:12:35 Tree
[r9937] by masterfalcon

Add the rtshader materials directory to resources.cfg

2010-03-19 21:24:54 Tree
[r9936] by nirhasson

BezierPatch + RTSS sample - polygon mode changes now reflected in the generated shader based pass.

2010-03-19 19:39:10 Tree
[r9935] by nirhasson

RTSS: Fixed interface break introduced by the LayeredBlending class.
- createInstance method of SubRenderState modified, but not in all derived classes. This caused material parsing to be skipped by all of the other SubRenderState sub classes.

2010-03-19 19:37:31 Tree
[r9934] by sinbad

Warn against using THg for merging

2010-03-19 18:20:30 Tree
[r9933] by sinbad

Explain why dev guide only covers Mercurial for now

2010-03-19 14:25:25 Tree
[r9932] by masterfalcon

Being picky. Correct a variable name typo.

2010-03-19 01:27:01 Tree
[r9931] by nirhasson

RTSS: Added GLSL implementation for LayeredBlending extension.

2010-03-18 19:41:24 Tree
[r9930] by cabalistic

Correct case-sensitivity issue with samples media path

2010-03-18 17:11:09 Tree
[r9929] by sinbad

Added new image

2010-03-18 11:37:40 Tree
[r9928] by sinbad

Revised the merge / rebase instructions
- Make it clear that rebase is best for short-term, everyday developer parallelism
- Instructions for using merge to reintegrate longer-running forks

2010-03-18 11:37:11 Tree
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