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JOGI 0.0.4EA Release

The JOGI bear is roaring again.
The JOGI team released its 0.0.4 Early Access Release of the Java Interface (JOGI). This release features exception handling, logging with log4j and some bug fixes. For an easy start with JOGI, we provide a java client called JogiClient that shows how easy it is to use our API.
For more info visit .

Posted by Andreas Rath 2004-01-31

JOGI 0.0.3EA Release

A new release of the Java Interface
(JOGI) API is available. This release features a change
in the namespace, design updates, and many fixes and new features.

Posted by Werner Schuster 2003-09-16

EarlyAccess release of JOGI (Java API)

The JOGI project is an effort to allow Java code to
easily access data from the free
product. This opens the vast amount of groupware
functionality to Java code. JOGI is another step on the way to a completely OpenSource Groupware

The 0.0.1EA EarlyAccess release now gives early
adopters a chance to view the API and possibly even
have an influence on the final design of the JOGI API.

Posted by Werner Schuster 2003-08-27