Vincent - OpenGL ES Conformance Test Submission

Vincent develops an implementation of the OpenGL (R) ES 1.1 API specification for
Pocket PCs and Smartphones. The current target platforms are Windows Mobile,Symbian and Linux
devices using TI OMAP, Intel (R) StrongARM and XScale PA2xx processors.

As officially registered adopter of the OpenGL ES API, this project has full access to the
official OpenGL ES 1.1 conformance test. Starting with build 0.8, Vincent fully passes the
conformance test for the Common Light profile, i.e. the fixed point API defined by the standard.

On January 25, 2006, results of executing the conformance test on the following configuration
have been submitted to Khronos:

Vincent OpenGL ES 1.1 Common Lite


OS: Windows Mobile 2003

API pipeline: GL_VENDOR "Hans-Martin Will"
GL_RENDERER "Software"
GL_VERSION "OpenGL ES-CL 1.1 Software JIT"

Display configuration: 48 x 48, 16bpp

This test results have been accepted, which means that Vincent is now officially an implementation of the OpenGL ES API specification.

Posted by Hans-Martin Will 2006-04-14