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Vincent Version 0.80 executes Conformance Test

Vincent develops a compliant implementation of the OpenGL (R) ES 1.0 API specification for
Pocket PCs and Smartphones. The current target platforms are Windows Mobile and Symbian devices
using TI OMAP, Intel (R) StrongARM and XScale PA2xx processors.

As officially registered adopter of the OpenGL ES API, this project has full access to the
official OpenGL ES 1.0 conformance test. Starting with build 0.8, Vincent fully executes the
conformance test for the Common Light profile, i.e. the fixed point API defined by the standard.

Further builds of the project will focus on addressing performance issues present in the
current build, as well as adressing issues as reported by users that are not covered by
the tests we have run so far.

Posted by Hans-Martin Will 2004-07-26