Gunhee Kim
  • Gunhee Kim
    Gunhee Kim

    Hello Folks,

    I use the 0.83a src version. It can be compiled smoothly in EVC++ 4.0 (sp4). But I can not compile in VS.NET 2003. The reason follows :

    error C2660: 'EGL::Context::SelectArrayElement function does not take 4 parameters

    So, I examined the src and I identified the function prototype and implementation. There is no implementation ;-)

    I'm in question Why it can be compiled on EVC with no errors and Why even ContextMesh.cpp (line 70 and 96) use the function incorrently ?

    from Perplexed...

    • Because ContextMesh.cpp is no longer in use but hasn't been removed from the source tree.

      - HM