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Diff of /STM8_Routines/e_w_routines.h [8e00c4] .. [40e5ad] Maximize Restore

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--- a/STM8_Routines/e_w_routines.h
+++ b/STM8_Routines/e_w_routines.h
@@ -4,24 +4,24 @@
 typedef struct {
 	int device_size;
 	char bl_version;
-	int *bytes
-	char **data;
+	int *bytes;
+	uint8_t **data;
 extern int e_w_routine_32k_1_0_size;
-extern char e_w_routine_32k_1_0_data[];
+extern uint8_t e_w_routine_32k_1_0_data[];
 extern int e_w_routine_32k_1_2_size;
-extern char e_w_routine_32k_1_2_data[];
+extern uint8_t e_w_routine_32k_1_2_data[];
 extern int e_w_routine_32k_1_3_size;
-extern char e_w_routine_32k_1_3_data[];
+extern uint8_t e_w_routine_32k_1_3_data[];
 extern int e_w_routine_128k_2_0_size;
-extern char e_w_routine_128k_2_0_data[];
+extern uint8_t e_w_routine_128k_2_0_data[];
 extern int e_w_routine_128k_2_1_size;
-extern char e_w_routine_128k_2_1_data[];
+extern uint8_t e_w_routine_128k_2_1_data[];
 extern int e_w_routine_128k_2_2_size;
-extern char e_w_routine_128k_2_2_data[];
+extern uint8_t e_w_routine_128k_2_2_data[];
 extern int e_w_routine_256k_1_0_size;
-extern char e_w_routine_256k_1_0_data[];
+extern uint8_t e_w_routine_256k_1_0_data[];
 extern E_W_ROUTINES e_w_routines[];