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Code Log

Commit Date  
[91970c] by f15h f15h

added Lasermarkings

2013-04-25 19:37:16 Tree
[fa45ca] by f15h f15h

Moved Dimensions to seperate Layer; Changed LED Colors (now only 1 Red LED for the VU-Meter)

2012-11-13 11:42:14 Tree
[4bcb6f] by f15h f15h

Rev 1 of Case - used to produce the small Series of 12 pcs.

2012-04-05 07:50:00 Tree
[6d041d] by f15h f15h

Draft 20 of mechanics

2011-11-17 22:44:57 Tree
[8a0898] by f15h f15h

Draft 17 of Mechanics

2011-11-10 20:13:49 Tree
[0a84a6] by f15h f15h

Adding sketchupfile for mechanical design

2011-11-03 12:14:46 Tree