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The future

The new version is underway! The latest version of oggserv has been code named icecube. Why? Because Oggserv now can stream to an iceacst server! The database is now relational and will have user preference tracking. Watch this space.

Posted by Edd Barrett 2003-05-01

Oggserv Branching off.

Oggserv will now branch off into separte projects.
Oggserv:oggbox - The anonymous ogg server.
Oggserv:oggcube - Users have accounts and must authenticate.

Both systems will use the same daemon and install scripts.

Posted by Edd Barrett 2003-04-05


0.2.10 is released. Major mysql error fixed. If you downloaded and had problem please try again. It should work now. Also interface is pretty now.

Posted by Edd Barrett 2003-04-05

Install Script

The next release will include an install script to make installing that little bit easier.

Posted by Edd Barrett 2003-01-31

Next step starts

now that ive hit 0.2.8, i have decided that i need an install script to make all the config files etc. Hopefully should be done for release 0.3.0!

Posted by Edd Barrett 2003-01-25

perl admin panel to be included in next release.

A perl admin script has been made that will be bundled in with the next release of oggserv. It has been designed to be used as an entry in the shell rc script for your oggserv user. This makes the admin panel very accessible via telnet or ssh.

Posted by Edd Barrett 2003-01-19

0.2.4 out

a minor update has been released. A couple of minor glitches have been fixed.. oggserv is now fully functional!

Posted by Edd Barrett 2003-01-19

First release 0.2.2 is here!

Tetravex oggserv has seen its first stable and working release!

Posted by Edd Barrett 2003-01-17