#1 Enable automatic PLAF registration


Please enable automatic PLAF registration via
the "META-INF/services" concept. It's quite easy: The
JAR file containing the pluggable Look and Feel must
contain a file named "javax.swing.LookAndFeel" in the
JAR path "META-INF/services" (note: "META-INF" must
be uppercase!). The file lists all available Look and
Feels in the JAR
and "org.fife.plaf.OfficeXP.OfficeXPLookAndFeel") each
on a separate line.

JGoodies Looks already uses this concept and several
programs (e.g. SQL Developer or NetBeans PLAF
switcher) support it by searching the available LnFs
within this resource. To install a new PLAF for SQL
Developer the user only needs to copy the new LnF into
the plugins folder. After this he can activate it in the
settings dialog. Simple.

If you need an application supporting this way of loading
please visit http://sqldeveloper.solyp.com to test it.

Kind regards,
Jan Borchers

PS: The popup border still seems not to be painted in
the Office2003LookAndFeel.


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  • Robert Futrell
    Robert Futrell

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    Thanks for the ideas. I'll add the PLAF registration in the
    next release.

    As for the border not being painted, could you send me a
    simple test case? My email address is robert_futrell at
    users.sourceforge dot net. I'll look into this while doing
    the PLAF registration.

  • Robert Futrell
    Robert Futrell

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    I tried emailing the contact address found on the SQL
    Developer home page, but I got a failure notification sent
    back to me. SQL Developer seems to be the only application
    in which the Office Looks' borders don't appear (i.e., they
    show up when used in NetBeans and in applications I write).

    For this reason, I'm going to assume that the border issue
    is specific to SQL Developer (is it customizing its
    menus/popups somehow?) unless I can get more information on
    the matter.

    I'm still planning to have the PLAF registration in the next
    release, I've just been super busy lately...

  • Robert Futrell
    Robert Futrell

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    Automatic PLAF registration has been added in 1.1.0.

  • Robert Futrell
    Robert Futrell

    • status: open --> closed