#11 JList, JTextArea, and JTextField have standard look and feel


While JComboBox has been converted to the Office look
and feel, JList, JTextArea and JTextField retain the
old Windows look and feel. It would be nice to use the
new look and feel everywhere. The difference is
especially noticable in dialogs and wizards where the
styles are mixed.

There may be some problems with this. First, from what
I can tell Office doesn't give examples of all these
controls. Although that can probably be extrapolated
from JComboBox.

More importantly, in my version of Office, the old and
new styles are mixed together. The toolbar and the side
information panel all use the new style, while dialogs
use the old style (for everything, including combo
boxes). I don't know how this could be implemented in
Java however.

One final note here, buttons fall under the same
category. While the toolbar buttons are done correctly,
regular buttons appear using the old Windows LaF, which
matches the style used for buttons in the dialogs, but
not the style used for the side information panel (such
as when the clipboard is active).


  • Robert Futrell
    Robert Futrell

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    Sorry for the late reply. Yes, I've tried to simulate using
    the Looks when and where Office products use them. So as
    you pointed out, buttons are changed only on toolbars, combo
    boxes are the only widget with a modified look consistently
    through the entire application, etc.

    I could provide system properties that, if enabled, would
    force all widgets of a certain type to have a simulated
    Office look. For example, something like:


    could force all J(Toggle)?Buttons to use the current Office*
    look's style, regardless of whether they were in a toolbar.
    We could go further and have properties like:


    which could change all JScrollBars (even those in
    JScrollPanes) to use a "best guess" at what a scrollbar's
    look would be in the Office styles.

    Finally, one system-wide property would override these two
    properties and force the use of the Office style on all
    widgets everywhere:


    The default values for all of these properties would be
    false, as by default the Looks should simulate real Office
    applications as closely as possible. But they'd be there
    for users if they wanted them.

    Sound good? Any ideas? Are these property names okay? I
    know org.fife.plaf.officelnfs isn't a package in OfficeLnFs,
    but since there are now 3 looks in OfficeLnFs, I had to pick
    property names that were LaF-neutral so they would apply to
    all of them.



  • Robert Futrell
    Robert Futrell

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    Hi Robert,

    Yep, that sounds good to me. It does seem slightly odd to
    see the comboboxes perfectly done, but the textfields not...

    Keep up the great work!


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    Hi, was this issue with not setting the LAD for all UI components ever resolved? Thanks!