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The Open For Business Project: Big Release & New Site

First of all, thank you everyone for your patience. It's been a while since we've released anything, but here it is, finally...

This release includes the new entity engine which takes the place of the code generator by the entity code generator. It also includes an improved control servlet.

One of the more major parts of this release is the new eCommerce application which is based on the flexible data model that is getting better all the time.

This newest release is made to run on Tomcat 4 and does make some use of the JSP 1.2 and Servlet 2.3 APIs. It also takes advantage of JNDI and other services in Tomcat 4, or Catalina.

The web site has also been updated to reflect changes in this release and to provide documentation for it (although docs are included in the download).

Good luck, and have fun!

-David Jones

Posted by David E. Jones 2001-10-02