#5 support for 64-bit systems

Bart Hanssens

Probably I'm doing something wrong here, but when I try to install odt2daisy 2.0 in OOo 3.1.1, 64 bit linux, I get an error message stating that the extension doesn't work on this platform. This is because the oxt has platform set to linux_x86, and OOo apparently expects linux_x86_64.

Now, when I manually change the platform to the expected value, odt2daisy installs nicely, but the "export to DAISY" options are grayed out so I can't click on them... Checking out the source code, I've noticed that there's also a DAISY Pipeline Lite (I'm not familiar with it), but it doesn't seem to have a 64 bit pipeline ?


  • Bart Hanssens
    Bart Hanssens

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  • Bart Hanssens
    Bart Hanssens

    Changes in Odt2DaisyAddOn.java

  • Bart Hanssens
    Bart Hanssens

    (ugly) change to description.xml, in order to set platform of the OXT to linux_x86 AND linux_x86_64

  • Bart Hanssens
    Bart Hanssens

    Still stuck when exporting Full DAISY: pipeline-lite seems to use swt-gtk, and probably the 64 bit version is not included...

  • Hi Bart,

    Thanks for this. The trouble is that removing the colons results in greyed out buttons and menu items on Windows XP.

  • Hi Bart, Vincent,
    If you replace
    if (aURL.Protocol.compareTo("com.versusoft.packages.ooo.odt2daisy.addon.odt2daisyaddon:") == 0) {
    if (aURL.Protocol.startsWith("com.versusoft.packages.ooo.odt2daisy.addon.odt2daisyaddon") ) {

    you can bypass the problem with the colon. (I've only tested it on Windows XP.)

  • Bart Hanssens
    Bart Hanssens

    That's indeed a cleaner approach, works on my machine :-)

    So export to DAISY XML works just fine

    For the "Full Daisy" support there is still an issue (well, could be solved by either including a pipeline lite with 64 support, or perhaps installing some 32-bit compatibility libraries for the swt-gui might also do the trick)

  • Dear Bart, and Christophe,

    first thank you for reporting this issue.
    I have no email notifiications on trackers and apologize for the late reply.

    odt2daisy addon include a platform specific version of the pipelinelite.
    Pipeline Lite include a static compiled version of lame (and soonly espeak)
    It also use SWT libraries.
    The Ant script compile, include the apropriate pipelinelite version, set the oxt-platform value, and then build the addon.

    windows_x64, linux_x64 and bsd support is not an issue but a missing
    from my part

    Linux_x86 issue can be fix by adding a pipelinelite version derivated from linux version.
    An "optimised" compilation of lame should be a plus, but normally not *required*

  • This is the process to build a specific platform version of the Pipeline Lite:

    1) download http://sourceforge.net/projects/lame/files/lame/3.98.2/lame-398-2.tar.gz/download
    2) uncompress in /tmp and go in lame-398-2 folder
    3) mkdir lame-freebsd-x86
    3) ./configure --prefix=/tmp/lame-398-2/lame-freebsd-x86
    --enable-static --disable-shared
    4) make && make install && echo "OK"
    5) You should have lame in /tmp/lame-398-2/lame-freebsd-x86/bin/
    6) download pipeline lite for linux x86 here:
    7) uncompress the zip and go in the folder
    8) replace ext/lame with your fresh lame
    12) At this point, you should be able to launch the pipeline lite
    using ./pipeline-lite.sh.
    You should see a swt dialog box.
    13) You can zip your pipelinelite build