#1 Odt2daisy crash with Orca [ArchLinux]

Steve Holmes

I just installed the odt2daisy.otx extension to my OOo Writer 3.1 tonight and the toolbar and menu options appear but I can't find ~/.pipeline-lite directory any place. I went ahead and tried to export the user manual to both daisy xml and full daisy and both times, it crashes Orca. I use Orca for speech; I see asertion errors from xoffice in the stdout from my gnome session. When Orca crashes this way, I have to kill my gnome session to start over. When these crashes occur, it does create the base xml file and the images directory.


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    • summary: Odt2daisy crashes often in Arch Linux + Missing pipeline-lit --> Odt2daisy crash with Orca [ArchLinux]
  • Dear sholmes88,
    thanks for reporting this bug.
    ~/.pipeline-lite directory is extract the first time you launch export as full daisy.
    A dialog appear just to let you know where it will be extract.
    You just have to click on ok then the extract process is launch.

    Exporting the user manual shouldn't fail so I guess orca compatibility should be tested/reviewed