#58 Repair option, not working.


Repair Option in Control Panel requires the .msi file, which is unavailable at the installer .exe path.

Steps to Reproduce:
1) Install the SB R5211.
2) Once, the installation process is completed, try to perform repair from
Control panel and validate the result.

Actual result: On clicking the Repair option from Control Panel,
The "Use Source" displays the Temp folder path "C:\DOCUME~1\nelson.t\LOCALS~1\Temp\IXP003.TMP\"
On clicking OK, a message is displayed stating that ODFAddinForOfficeSetup.msi cannot be found.

Note: The Repair option is working fine when clicked on the installed .exe file.

Application version(s) used (XP/2003/2007) = Office XP
OS version(s) used (Windows 2000, XP, Vista) = Win XP
Add-In Version = R5211
Is this reproducible (Y/N)? = Y
Degree of occurrence = systematic
Severity (Would be Nice/Irritating/No GO) = Irritating
Where is the problem = Repair

Attachments: ScreenShot.exe


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  • Dirk Vollmar
    Dirk Vollmar

    This is a limitation of the combination of single file installers + MSI. When using this approach, a repair will only work when the installer is run, but it will fail when run from the control panel.

    There is no workaround for this limitation unless we distribute the installer in two separate files (i.e. MSI installer + setup.exe bootstrapper). However, if the user deletes the MSI file locally, the repair option will also fail.

  • Dirk Vollmar
    Dirk Vollmar

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  • Dirk Vollmar
    Dirk Vollmar

    Probably for this very reason the repair option is no longer available in Vista.

  • Dirk Vollmar
    Dirk Vollmar

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