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Posted by Alexis Wilke 2012-01-21

odbcpp 1.5 -- Fixed 1 severe bug

Fixed a really bad bug with the dynamic record that would save the field sizes on the stack instead of the intended place.

Fixed two more type conversions.

Enhanced the documentation.

Added a new test of fixed records.

Added the missing win32 folder in the source package (with the VC++ projects.)

Posted by Alexis Wilke 2008-11-01

odbcpp 1.4 (fixed VARCHAR)

odbcpp 1.4 is now out.

I had someone who ran in a problem with a VARCHAR entry (I rarely use VARCHAR, TEXT is better.) The problem was fixed for a while, but I had not yet uploaded the newer version.

This time, it is here. So two small fixed: the name of the file for Win32 and the VARCHAR problem.

Let me know if you have any other problem or would like to see an enhancement available.

Alexis Wilke

Posted by Alexis Wilke 2008-10-23

odbcpp 1.2 (fix for Win32)

Testing under Win32, I found out that getting the number of affected rows under Win32 would generate an error if not done after a SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, etc. 1.2 fixes that problem. It ignores the error and sets the number of affected rows to zero.

Otherwise, have at it! If you find that something is missing and/or I could add a few improvements, let us know!

Thank you.
Alexis Wilke
Made to Order Software Corp.

Posted by Alexis Wilke 2008-06-17

odbcpp 1.1 uploaded!

Hi everyone,

I have now uploaded the newest version of odbcpp. It includes packages for Linux 64, Mac OS/X (PPC), and Win32.

The Win32 package is an installer. It is larger because it includes the documentation. You can also look at the documentation on the Internet at http://www.m2osw.com/en/odbcpp_docs

Thank you.
Alexis W.
Made to Order Software Corp.

Posted by Alexis Wilke 2008-06-09

Getting 1.1 ready...

Wanted to share that I have a version that compiles and runs with VC 8.0.

If you are working under MS-Windows, let me know and I will get version 1.1 on SourceForge sooner.

Otherwise, I will wait a bit more to get a few more items in there!

Posted by Alexis Wilke 2008-06-05

odbcpp version 1.0 ready!

I'm please to offer this new library, a C++ wrapper around the ODBC C library. It ensures that handles and memory is properly disposed of and manages the errors for every single SLQ call.

The errors will generate exceptions. However, unless you have a possibility of a malformed SQL statement or dynamic results (unknown column types and size at compile time), there is really no reason why you would get an exception other than the database not being accessible, incorrect credentials, and other such mistakes.... read more

Posted by Alexis Wilke 2008-06-03