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[31b9a4] by Mike Miller Mike Miller

maint: fix hgignore regexp pattern typos

2013-09-03 11:50:42 Tree
[c03135] by John W. Eaton John W. Eaton

use octave_scalar_map instead of deprecated Octave_map class

* (Faviinfo): Use octave_scalar_map instead of deprecated
Octave_map class.

2013-08-29 04:03:01 Tree
[02f3aa] by Carn? Draug Carn? Draug

maint: add hgignore file

2013-06-17 22:26:31 Tree
[c34158] by carandraug

video: patch by Andreas Weber.
* remove avctest since these are on each individual cc files
* continuing changes on autoconf script
* more tests

2012-12-20 17:42:26 Tree
[914e7d] by carandraug

video: svn ignore set for directory, no need for file

2012-12-20 17:05:41 Tree
[8f3dff] by carandraug

video: create svnignore

2012-12-20 16:08:39 Tree
[933f23] by carandraug

maint: remove really old files from monolithic release no longer necessary

2012-11-15 16:02:47 Tree
[333942] by carandraug

video: major overhaul of the autoconf and make stuff (unfinished)

2012-11-14 15:42:40 Tree
[3c8c59] by carandraug

video: specify Debian packages with build dependencies

2012-11-09 14:46:55 Tree
[48039b] by carandraug

video: remove stuff in DESCRIPTION from README and move README to doc

2012-11-09 14:26:44 Tree
[dc0afb] by carandraug

video: specify which BSD license is being used

2012-11-09 14:13:08 Tree
[030f70] by carandraug

video: do not autoload package

2012-11-09 14:11:15 Tree
[330711] by carandraug

video: remove test that are dependent on unexistent avi files

2012-11-09 14:09:31 Tree
[d8f2b0] by carandraug

video: remove unecessary Makefile from back Monolithic releases

2012-11-09 14:06:59 Tree
[86b50a] by carandraug

video: use @dots{} for help text. Add mailing list e-mail to contact

2012-10-10 13:24:51 Tree
[eb48cc] by carandraug

video: do not mix spaces and tabs for indentation

2012-10-09 21:34:12 Tree
[7caa40] by carandraug

video: fixes for new versions of ffmpeg and do not reject videos with odd dimension sizes (patch by Donjan Rodic <>

2012-10-09 21:26:03 Tree
[a17550] by carandraug up[dating code to be compatible with latest version, 0.9, of ffmpeg. Patch submitted by Cihan Baran <>

2012-01-10 14:06:05 Tree
[db975a] by carandraug

main packages DESCRIPTION: added e-mail address of maintainers and contributors

2011-09-27 12:34:58 Tree
[80b784] by xavier98

update Maintainer field for various packages

2010-08-05 16:01:04 Tree
[ab8864] by hauberg

Update version number

2009-05-04 16:59:19 Tree
[4c3f11] by adb014

Include cstdlib in build (For Stephen Montgomery-Smith)

2009-02-11 02:51:44 Tree
[fd7623] by xavier98

Bring video package up to date with latest ffmpeg sources (svn rev 15410).

2008-09-27 23:35:00 Tree
[0e3bfd] by hauberg

Bumped version number

2008-08-24 16:17:40 Tree
[2643f1] by xavier98

Patch to bring ffmpeg usage up to date (from Michael Goffioul).

2008-05-13 14:13:45 Tree
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