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symbolic Log

Commit Date  
[e7415a] by Carn? Draug Carn? Draug

maint: use hgignore instead of svnignore

2013-06-17 17:45:54 Tree
[537e31] by carandraug

findsym: bug fix by Michael Goffioul <>

2012-06-25 12:17:48 Tree
[65a538] by thomas-weber

Fix spelling mistake "expresion => expression"

2012-03-20 21:22:35 Tree
[c2c74d] by carandraug

symbolic: bump version

2011-10-19 11:32:24 Tree
[5aced0] by carandraug

probably_prime: fix small typo in texinfo

2011-10-19 11:11:47 Tree
[693654] by carandraug

symbolic: small fixes
* added e-mail address to copyright notice
* replaced tabs per spaces
* removed some trailing whitespace
* improvements on help text

2011-10-18 12:34:40 Tree
[9a1198] by carandraug

symbolic: small fixes
* e-mail address to copyright notice
* replace tabs per spaces
* missing endfunctions keywords
* small fixes on help text

2011-10-18 12:00:15 Tree
[562709] by carandraug

Small fix on documentation

2011-07-26 11:43:59 Tree
[13563c] by hauberg

Use || instead of |

2010-12-22 08:15:40 Tree
[c1c65b] by hauberg

Fix texinfo bugs

2010-12-22 08:07:53 Tree
[0f341d] by schloegl

replace list functions like nth(), append(), which became obsolete with 3.4 etc.

2010-05-21 10:01:35 Tree
[12603e] by hauberg

Call 'symbols' on package load to ensure types are registrered

2009-10-05 18:49:21 Tree
[bb2fa2] by hauberg

Update requirements due to mlock API change

2009-06-07 10:08:53 Tree
[aa6838] by hauberg

Allow compilation with Octave 3.2

2009-06-07 10:08:15 Tree
[64d6fa] by hauberg

Update version numbers

2009-06-07 09:53:42 Tree
[fb215b] by rlaboiss

Use cell() instead of the deprecated list()

The list() function has been deprecated in Octave. The patch below
replaces all calls to list() in the scripts poly2sym.m, sym2poly.m,
and symfsolve.m by calls to cell().

Also, add a new test using cell in function sym2poly.

2009-05-23 13:32:29 Tree
[8fe386] by rlaboiss

Add tests to the symfsolve function (inspired on the examples in doc)

2009-05-23 13:31:03 Tree
[07abeb] by hauberg

Update version number

2009-05-04 16:59:19 Tree
[eaa220] by thomas-weber

Add some tests

2009-01-24 16:21:44 Tree
[b269c1] by thomas-weber

is_list is deprecated

2009-01-24 16:21:08 Tree
[08ed99] by hauberg

Bumped version number

2008-08-24 16:17:40 Tree
[485b99] by goffioul

Fix compilation problems

2008-05-20 20:20:39 Tree
[77fc41] by hauberg

Updated release dates

2008-04-29 17:52:26 Tree
[2b3bb2] by adb014

Update version numbers, release dates, and news in preparation for release

2008-04-06 23:36:22 Tree
[d59d7f] by hauberg

Simplify autotools stuff

2008-03-21 19:12:49 Tree
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