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inst/big_factorial.m            GPLv3+
inst/Ci.m                       GPLv3+
inst/combs.m                    GPLv3+
inst/cosint.m                   GPLv3+
inst/dirac.m                    GPLv3+
inst/ellipke.m                  GPLv3+
inst/expint_E1.m                GPLv3+
inst/expint_Ei.m                GPLv3+
inst/expint.m                   GPLv3+
inst/heaviside.m                GPLv3+
inst/laguerre.m                 GPLv3+
inst/lambertw.m                 GPLv3+
inst/laplacian.m                modified BSD
inst/lfactorial.m               GPLv3+
inst/multinom_coeff.m           GPLv3+
inst/multinom_exp.m             GPLv3+
inst/multinom.m                 GPLv3+
inst/psi.m                      GPLv3+
inst/Si.m                       GPLv3+
inst/sinint.m                   GPLv3+
inst/zernike_cartesian.m        GPLv3+
inst/zernike_name.m             GPLv3+
inst/zernike_noll_to_mn.m       GPLv3+
inst/zernike_polar.m            GPLv3+
inst/zernike_R_poly.m           GPLv3+
inst/zeta.m                     GPLv3+
src/                   GPLv3+