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Replace usage of Octave_map and drop support for Octave versions < 3.2.0.

* src/ replace the deprecated Octave_map with octave_scalar_map. The
Octave 3.0.X series is considered long gone so workarounds for it were removed.
A lot of changes, many stylistic to follow GNU and Octave coding guidelines,
and to make C++ code look less like C. Replace hard tabs wth spaces, remove
trailing whitespace, spaces after function calls, no space after () for index,
no {} brackets for single statements, use Texinfo for documentation, check
error_state rather than is* methods for input check, use print_usage for error
message, don't bother with return value after giving an error, make disconnect
return 1 or 0 based on success, use OCTAVE_LOCAL_BUFFER to avoid memory leaks,
use fortran_vec() to speed up loops, never error because of nargout - that's
always up to the user.
* src/Makefile: drop checking of version which was required to support Octave
3.0.X which is considered long gone. Rename target `test' to `check' for
similarity with Octave core.
* DESCRIPTION: adjust dependencies to >= 3.2.0. Remove line about autoload
to use whatever's default.
* NEWS: update with new dependencies and bug fixes.

Carnë Draug Carnë Draug 2014-01-02

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