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parallel Log

Commit Date  
[0c456c] by i7tiol

Original 'parallel' package now uses Octaves save and load functionality and got a select_sockets function.
- "send", "recv": replaced with code that uses Octaves save and load functionality.
- "select_sockets": new function, wrapper to "select".

2010-08-13 13:27:35 Tree
[05cccf] by i7tiol

Added select_sockets.cc.
- select_sockets.cc: new file, calles select on data connections of "connect".
- pserver.cc: fixed buffer size in outgoing connections.

2010-08-11 13:28:08 Tree
[82a53f] by i7tiol

Fixed several bugs.

2010-08-05 10:35:19 Tree
[5bffb5] by i7tiol

local fix of filling matrix 'sockets'

2010-02-18 10:51:19 Tree
[4205f5] by i7tiol

get rid of read/write compiler warnings

2010-02-18 10:28:39 Tree
[5da7cf] by i7tiol

parallel/inst/scloseall.m: corrected typo

2010-02-09 10:56:37 Tree
[545d4a] by i7tiol

parallel/inst/getid.m, scloseall.m: added placeholder for helptext

2010-02-09 10:52:58 Tree
[576948] by i7tiol

parallel: some fixes for Octave-3.2.., removed unneeded code in __bw_psend__.cc and __bw_prcv__.cc

2009-08-20 13:40:14 Tree
[4eabe8] by i7tiol

parallel/src/pserver.cc: fix quitting_gracefully, make extern

2009-08-19 08:30:19 Tree
[fbd9ea] by i7tiol

Minor fixes. Removed dependency on package general to retain usability with Octave-3.0..

2009-04-29 14:45:11 Tree
[e8cf32] by i7tiol


2009-04-27 09:37:54 Tree
[210508] by i7tiol

Fix saving state with minimal time interval: also save if ready.

2009-03-30 15:03:58 Tree
[77f386] by i7tiol

Added independent functions for scheduling remote execution to package parallel. select.cc may move to package general.

2009-03-30 08:05:45 Tree
[0fddfc] by hauberg

Bumped version number

2008-08-24 16:17:40 Tree
[a94f7c] by hauberg

Updated release dates

2008-04-29 17:52:26 Tree
[6c6b6d] by adb014

Fixes for 64bit build

2008-04-09 14:38:29 Tree
[2e5ea7] by adb014

Update version numbers, release dates, and news in preparation for release

2008-04-06 23:36:22 Tree
[6b4ac9] by adb014

More copyright updates

2008-02-04 13:47:45 Tree
[aa5077] by hauberg

Update version numbers

2008-01-31 19:44:33 Tree
[463eb5] by adb014

Update the version numbers. All packages need new version numbers due to package differences in the CVS to SVN transition

2007-12-05 16:24:55 Tree
[1f20c0] by adb014

Update version numbers for modified packages

2007-09-24 23:38:27 Tree
[949ec2] by adb014

Version numbering changes of all packages needed due to inclusion of generic Makefile/configure in all packages

2007-07-24 20:04:16 Tree
[38e4e7] by adb014

Try BYTE_ORDER as well as __BYTE_ORDER for pserver and recv as well (For Thomas Treichl

2007-05-25 21:41:37 Tree
[3fb7b5] by adb014

Try __BYTE_ORDER as well as BYTE_ORDER

2007-05-24 19:54:40 Tree
[c3f1cf] by adb014

Octave_map length method replaced with nfields in 2.9.12

2007-05-23 19:48:41 Tree
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