outliers Log

Commit Date  
[879e75] (defaulttip) by Mike Miller Mike Miller

maint: fix hgignore regexp pattern typos

2013-09-03 11:50:42 Tree
[7267bd] by Carn? Draug Carn? Draug

maint: add hgignore file

2013-06-22 14:31:16 Tree
[5cb81e] by carandraug

main packages DESCRIPTION: added e-mail address of maintainers and contributors

2011-09-27 12:34:58 Tree
[ae12f6] by hauberg

Bump version

2009-05-06 16:09:52 Tree
[6a001f] by hauberg

Bumped version number

2008-08-24 16:17:40 Tree
[1cfb92] by hauberg

Updated release dates

2008-04-29 17:52:26 Tree
[dc526e] by adb014

Update version numbers, release dates, and news in preparation for release

2008-04-06 23:36:22 Tree
[7bff8b] by adb014

maybe the last copyright update

2008-02-05 08:57:21 Tree
[70cf66] by adb014

And again more copyright updates

2008-02-04 15:26:27 Tree
[201d66] by adb014

More copyright updates

2008-02-04 13:47:45 Tree
[1529cd] by hauberg

Update version numbers

2008-01-31 19:44:33 Tree
[5f72ca] by adb014

Update the version numbers. All packages need new version numbers due to package differences in the CVS to SVN transition

2007-12-05 16:24:55 Tree
[6c6a31] by adb014

Update version numbers for modified packages

2007-09-24 23:38:27 Tree
[aa4365] by adb014

Version numbering changes of all packages needed due to inclusion of generic Makefile/configure in all packages

2007-07-24 20:04:16 Tree
[88b976] by luqqe

The version number was corrected to match the R version of the package.
Dependence to 2.9.9+ also added.

2007-05-18 16:35:11 Tree
[4feaaf] by hauberg

First revision of the 'outliers' package by Lukasz Komsta

2007-05-17 19:24:24 Tree