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odepkg Log

Commit Date  
[f03c72] by adb014

Reorg of odepkg so that packaging builds doc and that there are lautoconf files in the package itself

2007-02-26 20:07:25 Tree
[b96e92] by adb014

texinfo syntax error

2007-02-25 22:03:51 Tree
[364890] by treichl

In octave te "which" function changed, therefore the tests of this file had to be adapted.

2007-02-25 21:31:13 Tree
[9d77bd] by treichl

Initially added.

2007-02-25 21:23:40 Tree
[01603c] by treichl

Adapted to the new plot functions of Octave.

2007-02-25 16:03:47 Tree
[40d47b] by treichl

Initially added.

2007-02-25 16:00:30 Tree
[4ad702] by treichl

Removed bug that did an OutputSelection at event calls.

2007-02-22 16:35:10 Tree
[60380b] by treichl

Help string, tests and demos updates.

2007-02-22 16:32:32 Tree
[9f8173] by treichl


2007-02-18 23:10:51 Tree
[7897ef] by treichl

Released version 0.2.1 because of ongoing work with mexsolvers.

2007-02-18 21:11:30 Tree
[8425d9] by treichl

Added code to the Hairer interface functions to also support the option "MStateDependence" if this is set with odeset.

2007-02-17 19:16:38 Tree
[900447] by treichl


2007-02-17 19:13:34 Tree
[8eacb4] by treichl


2007-02-16 22:33:14 Tree
[1058ca] by treichl


2007-02-16 20:29:30 Tree
[e9abc3] by treichl


2007-02-11 18:50:22 Tree
[6203e3] by treichl

Small update for stiff solvers.

2007-02-11 18:49:56 Tree
[336f0f] by treichl

Small update of ODE solvers.

2007-02-11 18:48:42 Tree
[6acfe5] by treichl

Added interface function for stiff Fortran solver rodas.

2007-02-11 17:29:11 Tree
[d794ae] by treichl

Added interface functions for the stiff-solvers radau5 and seulex.

2007-02-11 12:53:07 Tree
[1a1132] by treichl

Tiny update.

2007-02-10 18:21:26 Tree
[14b8c0] by treichl

Finished implementation of the interface function for stiff-problem (ODE/DAE) solver radau.

2007-02-10 18:18:29 Tree
[5e4f28] by treichl

Removed old unnecessary comments in the source code.

2007-02-08 21:12:17 Tree
[9606bc] by treichl

Added mass matrix support.

2007-02-08 21:09:51 Tree
[2ce172] by treichl

Added a line for the support of not-constant mass matrices in radau.f.

2007-02-08 21:09:08 Tree
[da8c28] by treichl

Replaced all strcmp(class(*),'function handle') with isa(*,'function_handle') and added a lot of tests for this fundamental function.

2007-02-08 21:07:28 Tree
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