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[cddd1b] by treichl

Added files for manual but don't create the manual by now.

2007-02-04 16:47:55 Tree
[dc8960] by treichl

Updated to version 0.2.0 because first stable interface function to Fortran solver dopri5.f is out and started to write the manual (odepkg.texi).

2007-02-04 16:46:03 Tree
[6423d8] by treichl

Did some tests- and demos-updates on the mex files.

2007-02-04 13:34:19 Tree
[f89ca5] by treichl

Removed the C solver package dopri.tar.gz but added the Fortran solver package hairer.tgz instead.

2007-02-04 12:45:39 Tree
[31d075] by adb014

Add Autoload field to DESCRIPTION of main/ packages

2007-01-30 22:23:44 Tree
[fafafa] by adb014

INDEX new functions

2007-01-30 20:32:28 Tree
[6c65fd] by treichl

Fixed bug so that 'make check' of packages succeeds.

2007-01-29 19:06:50 Tree
[cf6433] by treichl

Checked in some improvements for solver.

2007-01-28 18:04:07 Tree
[0accdf] by treichl

Further improvements.

2007-01-24 20:51:36 Tree
[001c6c] by treichl

Added the "mxArray *mxGetMatrixRow (mxArray *, unsigned int)" function.

2007-01-24 20:50:31 Tree
[d28d6d] by treichl

Added "\n"s to the error messages if a known error is found.

2007-01-24 20:48:23 Tree
[524b1a] by treichl

Implementation of a faster handling for the "Refine" option.

2007-01-24 20:46:16 Tree
[5d444d] by treichl

2007.01.20 Thomas Treichl
* odepkgext.h, odepkgext.c, odepkg_mexsolver_dopri5.c updated
* ode5d.m added as a wrapper function for odepkg_mexsolver_dopri5.c
* ode23.m, ode45.m, ode54.m and ode78.m have been synchronized

2007.01.17 Thomas Treichl
* odepkgmex.h, odepkgmex.c, odepkg_mexsolver_dopri5.c added
* odepkg_mexsolver_dopri5.c becomes more stable, all possible
'odeset' options have to be implemented
* odepkg_mexsolver_dop853.c won't work anymore cause of a
lot of changes in odepkgmex.c and odepkgext.c, file will be
updated after finishing odepkg_mexsolver_dopri5.c

2007.01.08 Thomas Treichl
* odepkgext.h, odepkgext.c added
* odepkg_mexsolver_dop853.c another step forward but with
partial odepkg functionality, make rules will be added

2007.01.05 Thomas Treichl
* ChangeLog, DESCRIPTION files have been updated
* odepkg_mexsolver_dop853.c, dopri.tar.gz:
Added to directory odepkg/src, no functionality by now
* odepkg/src directory has been created in CVS

2006.12.25 Thomas Treichl
* ode23.m, ode45.m, ode54.m, ode78.m, odeprint:
Did some updates and improved functionality

2006.10.22 Thomas Treichl
* -NEEDED-: update all -*-texinfo-*- help texts in all function files
* OdePkg-0.1.1: ready to put it into cvs-repository

2006.10.19 David Bateman
* ode23.m, ode45.m, ode54.m, ode78.m, odeset, odeget:
changed -*-texinfo-*- help texts for octave-forge web-page creation

2006.10.15 Thomas Treichl
* dir.src: created and added first test files, these
files will not be added to the cvs repository yet
* -NEEDED-: configure.base Makeconf.in and autogen.sh

2006.10.13 Thomas Treichl
* INDEX: file has been updated
* DESCRIBTION: file has been updated

2006.10.06 Thomas Treichl
* ChangeLog: changed appearence for next entries
* ode23.m, ode45.m, ode54.m, ode78.m: Further improved
functionality. Added event handling and other functions
to handle other options
* INDEX: file has been created for pkg management
* TODO: check the whole package and release first stable
version 0.1.0

2006.09.28 Thomas Treichl
* All input output vectors of the initial value problems
the OutputFcns and the EventFcns are column vectors

2006.09.27 Thomas Treichl
* TODO: Input vectors of event functions and plot functions
must be column vectors
* TODO: Add/change examples of initial value problems resp.
the number of sets of ordinary differential equations

2006.09.13 Thomas Treichl
* Removed temporary files
* Added a DESCRIPTION and COPYING file
* Checked all files, tests and demos for a first push to cvs

2006.09.12 Thomas Treichl
* Renamed all functions and files from tt_XXX to XXX
eg. tt_ode23 became ode23.m etc.
* Replaced the octave-license with the one of octave-forge

2006.08.20 Thomas Treichl
* Checklist for odepkg files
- tt_odepkg_example_pendulous is ready to contribute
- tt_odepkg_example_secondorderlag is ready to contribute
- tt_odepkg_example_vanderpol is ready to contribute
- tt_odepkg_structure_check.m is ready to contribute
- tt_odeget.m is ready to contribute
- tt_odeset.m is ready to contribute
- tt_odeplot.m is ready to contribute
- tt_odeprint.m is ready to contribute
- tt_ode23.m is ready to contribute
- tt_ode45.m is ready to contribute
- tt_ode54.m is ready to contribute
- tt_ode78.m is ready to contribute

2006.08.16 Thomas Treichl
* What has to be done for the first release
- parameters need to be given to the ODEs
- add help texts in odeplot.m, ode23.m, ode2f.m etc.
- add demos and tests to all function files
- add all ode files and ode functions that already exist

2007-01-24 20:44:56 Tree
[d06d9f] by treichl

Removed the local ChangeLog file in main/odepkg/doc. Updated the version number of odepkg to 0.1.3 because of the ongoing work with the mexsolvers.

2007-01-21 18:17:34 Tree
[57924b] by treichl

Improved the main solver function.

2007-01-21 18:12:25 Tree
[16bb42] by treichl

Added the "mxArray *mxTransposeMatrix (mxArray *)" function.

2007-01-21 18:10:20 Tree
[abe871] by treichl

Removed the local ChangeLog file in main/odepkg/doc.

2007-01-21 18:07:31 Tree
[9ba184] by treichl

Added support for the "Refine" option. The "RelTol" option must be of a scalar type for these solvers.

2007-01-21 18:04:45 Tree
[02d365] by treichl


2007-01-20 18:21:17 Tree
[f91b38] by treichl

Update of the local diary and ChangeLog file.

2007-01-20 17:55:30 Tree
[51a75c] by treichl

Updated - but not ready to install the mexsolver by default.

2007-01-20 17:49:48 Tree
[b8a37c] by treichl


2007-01-20 17:36:37 Tree
[dcd2e6] by treichl

Added this wrapper function for odepkg_mexsolver_dopri5.

2007-01-20 17:30:37 Tree
[aae36f] by treichl

I started to implement some post processing options at the dopri5 solver

2007-01-18 21:23:52 Tree
[17bbc9] by treichl

Changed some indents.

2007-01-17 21:18:12 Tree
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