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[8d7bed] (1.8 kB) by prusa prusa

Added optional JAVA classes compilation to ltfatmex and some fixes.

2013-07-29 09:49:30 View
[6aebeb] (1.8 kB) by prusa prusa

Windows Octave OCT interfaces:
OCT files now link include libs from Octave/lib dir. It solves problems with libopenblas.dll
LTFAT backend have to be built without -DMATLABFORTRAN, which is necessary when linking BLAS shipped with Matlab.

2013-05-06 14:10:36 View
[e0859d] (1.8 kB) by prusa prusa

Normalize lineendings

2013-05-06 10:25:16 View
[6dfb83] (1.5 kB) by Peter L. Søndergaard Peter L. Søndergaard

large patch: converted all files to Unix lineendings

2013-05-02 15:40:52 View
[8ad57d] (1.9 kB) by prusa prusa

Finished OCT interfaces for both single and double precision.
With compiled OCT files
test_all_ltfat for double passes,
test_all_ltfat for single seg. error in TEST_FRAMES after FRAMES ACCEL DUAL REC.

2013-04-30 17:31:51 View