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ltfat Log

Commit Date  
[191c94] by prusa prusa

Small things

plotfft and plotrealfft can now work with multichannel data.
Added option for filterbankresponse to calculate individual filter frequency responses.
Added some sanity checks for iwfbt and iwpfbt.
Building wavelet filterbank trees is now faster.

2014-03-04 17:56:14 Tree
[ea1ce1] by prusa prusa

Doc fix by Jordy

2014-02-26 10:43:15 Tree
[205487] by prusa prusa

Added cqtfilters generator based on the cqt function.
Duals and tight frames to uniform AND painless filterbanks are now correctly handled by the painless alg.
Added check for painless condition to filterbankwin.
Added real-time CQT demo.
Modified real-time Erblets demo.
Changed FFTW flag in comp_filterbank.c and comp_ifilterbank.c from FFTW_MEASURE to FFTW_ESTIMATE, because FFTW_MEASURE sometimes hanged the execution.

2014-02-10 16:16:07 Tree
[1476a0] by Peter L. Søndergaard Peter L. Søndergaard

fix triv doc bugs in pconv and audfiltbw. Added more requirements.

2014-02-10 09:10:10 Tree
[0f9570] by Peter L. Søndergaard Peter L. Søndergaard

extended copyrights to 2014

2014-01-29 08:20:50 Tree
[ba1662] by prusa prusa

The backend C library now consistently uses ltfatInt (ptrdiff_t or int) for array lengths.
fftreal moved to the backend.
dct and dst moved to the backend.
filterbank routines moved to the backend.
framematrix is now deprecated, and was replaced by frsynmatrix, which better reflect what the function does.

2014-01-20 18:56:44 Tree
[586fe9] by prusa prusa

1.4.3 release commit.

2013-11-22 13:08:06 Tree
[b59441] by prusa prusa

Reorganized interfaces, docs and examples of gga and chirpzt.
Added FISTA reference to franalasso.
Changelog for version 1.4.3

2013-11-04 18:25:54 Tree
[a55674] by prusa prusa

plotfilterbank now handles fractional subsampling.
chirpzt moved to fourier dir.

2013-10-29 07:25:59 Tree
[6db11f] by prusa prusa

Added chirped Z transform and timing of gga and czt.
Plus minor stuff.

2013-10-25 16:17:33 Tree
[f22842] by prusa prusa

Trivial fixes in Example in gga.

2013-10-07 11:45:58 Tree
[61a9ba] by prusa prusa

Added ifilterbank_* as MEX functions.

2013-10-02 17:10:28 Tree
[35fdb1] by prusa prusa

Fixed bug in wavelets.c causing accesses to an uninitialized memory + minor stuff.

2013-09-30 10:01:21 Tree
[cd6f75] by prusa prusa

Another fix of #87.
Fix in demo_imagecompression. Ratio from 0.1% to 5%.

2013-08-23 11:51:23 Tree
[f91008] by prusa prusa

Fix for bug #87

2013-08-23 09:58:43 Tree
[b6ad1a] by prusa prusa

Some more work on comp_filterbank etc. test_erbfilters now passes for the filterbankdual. filterbanktight has probably a bug in it.

2013-08-14 17:05:05 Tree
[0e7daa] by prusa prusa

Converted wavelet filters to a format of firfilter.
Moved some stuff from comp_filterbank to comp_filterbank_pre.
Cleaned wavelets dir.
Added conversion function wfbt2filterbank which creates equivalent plain filterbank from a arbitrary filterbank tree.
comp_transferfunction now checks for existence of additional fields of the input struct. Mandatory fields are now .h and .offset for the FIR filter and .H and .foff for band-limited filters.

2013-08-08 09:26:19 Tree
[d62c43] by prusa prusa

Fixed include path to /stc/thirdparty in Playrec makefiles.

2013-07-30 16:50:08 Tree
[1af324] by prusa prusa

Added tests and timing for the Goertzel algorithm.

2013-07-19 08:17:28 Tree
[4c6ce9] by Peter L. Søndergaard Peter L. Søndergaard

replaced comp_pfilt by comp_filterbank which makes the filterbank routines use fewer FFTs

2013-07-18 12:42:26 Tree
[36b77a] by prusa prusa

Major Wavelets rewrite.

2013-07-15 16:39:55 Tree
[e5d643] by Peter L. Søndergaard Peter L. Søndergaard

erbfilters can now create whole-frequency range filterbanks. Corrected the scaling in erbfilters to correctly account for the channel downsampling.

2013-07-15 15:04:46 Tree
[249cf9] by Peter L. Søndergaard Peter L. Søndergaard

added missing semicolons to avoid Octave warnings; added 'redmul' option to erbfilters. By default it generates the highest possible downsampling rate while keeping the system painless.

2013-07-12 14:58:32 Tree
[7a2e2c] by Peter L. Søndergaard Peter L. Søndergaard

fixed upload script; blfilter now uses the new documentation format for structs

2013-07-11 14:32:03 Tree
[055026] by Peter L. Søndergaard Peter L. Søndergaard

warped filters are now handled efficiently, and gives perfect reconstruction

2013-07-09 15:02:31 Tree
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