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Diff of /mat2doc/make_all_packages.sh [5552f7] .. [5ed2c6] Maximize Restore

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--- a/mat2doc/make_all_packages.sh
+++ b/mat2doc/make_all_packages.sh
@@ -1,7 +1,10 @@
 mat2doc.py `pwd`/.. mat --script=release.py --tgz 
-mat2doc.py `pwd`/.. mat --script=release.py --zip --dos --encoding=windows-1252 --addon=ltfat_win64 --packagename=ltfat-win64
+# The command below chokes on umlauts in blockana
+#mat2doc.py `pwd`/.. mat --script=release.py --zip --dos --encoding=windows-1252 --addon=ltfat_win64 --packagename=ltfat-win64
+mat2doc.py `pwd`/.. mat --script=release.py --zip --dos --addon=ltfat_win64 --packagename=ltfat-win64
 mat2doc.py `pwd`/.. mat --script=release.py --zip --dos --addon=ltfat_maci --packagename=ltfat-maci
 mat2doc.py `pwd`/.. mat --script=release.py --octpkg
+echo Remember to push to sourceforge for the Octave package