ltfat Log

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[249cf9] (2.7 kB) by Peter L. Søndergaard Peter L. Søndergaard

added missing semicolons to avoid Octave warnings; added 'redmul' option to erbfilters. By default it generates the highest possible downsampling rate while keeping the system painless.

2013-07-12 14:58:32 View
[46e035] (2.7 kB) by prusa prusa

Added assert_classname to all important zeros command, making the input and output data type correspond.
All tests now call ltfatdiditfail.
Some tests do not pass for the single input arguments (increase tolerance?).

mex/comp_col2diag.c and oct/ contain examples of how to do the type-generic calls to the ltfat backend.

Started transforming the backend code to the new naming convention. (MEX and OCT interfaces should not compile).

2013-04-24 12:32:35 View
[429219] (2.5 kB) by prusa prusa

Added wavelet functions tests to test_all_ltfat.

2013-03-20 13:12:47 View
[9b0373] (2.3 kB) by prusa prusa

Started adding second return parameter info.
Added undecimated wavelet packet routine.
Added several tests.
Transition towards single common plotting routine plotfwt.

2013-03-12 18:34:08 View
[eab4a9] (None) by prusa prusa

Added wfbtlength and minor tweaks.

2013-03-11 16:10:51 View
[754fe8] (None) by prusa prusa

Cleaned wfbt and related functions.

2013-03-08 14:43:08 View