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[51c6df] by cdf


2010-04-14 20:35:02 Tree
[336660] by prnienhuis

Improved help text a little bit

2010-04-13 19:28:23 Tree
[2c6288] by prnienhuis

Fixed help text for compliance with generate_html (short descr.)

2010-04-13 19:21:53 Tree
[562be8] by prnienhuis

Changed function name into xlsread_old in help text for proper short description on octave-forge site

2010-04-13 19:09:47 Tree
[ddaab3] by prnienhuis

Updated help text for better generate_html output

2010-04-13 19:08:31 Tree
[fea14d] by prnienhuis

Updated help text to make it compatible with generate_html

2010-04-13 19:07:50 Tree
[81536f] by prnienhuis

Bumped version to 1.0.12

2010-04-13 18:49:20 Tree
[5dcf3f] by prnienhuis

Added stanza in Development section about odfdom.jar versions.

2010-04-13 18:26:47 Tree
[d1889d] by prnienhuis

Removed read support for odfdom 0.8 (extremely slow compared to 0.7.5).

2010-04-13 18:19:49 Tree
[097147] by prnienhuis

Completely removed write support for odfdom 0.8. Many small bug fixes mostly for complicated corner cases (stray cell copies outside added data rectangle; expansion of lower nr-rows-repeated tablerows up to > 65000 rows; etc).

2010-04-13 18:18:32 Tree
[ee70a8] by prnienhuis

Added check for odfdom version; only v. 0.7.5 is supported now (odfdom v 0.8 has too much issues)

2010-04-13 18:15:48 Tree
[84f508] by prnienhuis

Added a section on java and fixed many typos. Also added a note on matlab compatibility when reading dates.

2010-04-06 19:35:22 Tree
[045dd9] by prnienhuis

Added section on java and fixed typos

2010-04-06 19:34:21 Tree
[266538] by prnienhuis

Added write code for odfdom 0.8 (subfun oct3jotk2ods), just for reference (it doesn't work reliably and is not called, a warning is given instead).
I actually gave up on trying to get reliable writing w. odfdom-0.8 :-(

2010-04-06 19:02:53 Tree
[82bb4f] by prnienhuis

Added warning (when odfdom 0.8 is found) that odfdom 0.7.5 is 7 times faster.

2010-04-06 19:00:16 Tree
[6c485d] by prnienhuis

Improved help text (one doesn't strictly need OTK *or* JOD but can have both. Though the latter only matters when odfdom 0.8 is used, as that has no write support in octave while JOD has (somewhat)).

2010-04-06 18:58:43 Tree
[054966] by prnienhuis

Try-catch added in write section of oct2jotk2ods (OTK) to cope with unpatched-for-booleans java-1.2.6 / 1.2.7 package.

2010-03-25 15:57:47 Tree
[cfdb69] by prnienhuis

Also works for odfdom version 0.8 now. Made this in separate subfunction to avoid performance issues due to too many if-then-else constructs.

2010-03-21 00:09:15 Tree
[df19a5] by prnienhuis

Made output to screen more tabular. For java-based Excel I/O interfaces for each worksheet the actual occupied data range is echoed to the screen.

2010-03-21 00:07:47 Tree
[7d7065] by prnienhuis

Made to work for all java-based spreadsheet I/O, save jOpenDocument (xls & ods). Ranges calculated with JExcelAPI may be somewhat inaccurate sometimes.

2010-03-21 00:06:18 Tree
[6bd19a] by prnienhuis

Improved output to screen, occupied data range now shown

2010-03-21 00:04:15 Tree
[d84f84] by prnienhuis

More code cleanup & bug fixes. Improved memory usage and speed aspects.

2010-03-19 15:10:25 Tree
[cfd5a9] by prnienhuis

New function for exploring used data range in ODS spreadsheets.

2010-03-18 23:32:48 Tree
[fa3aab] by prnienhuis

Updated help text memory usage

2010-03-18 23:31:18 Tree
[ee9861] by prnienhuis

Fixed many nasty bugs in case of reading below multiple empty to rows.
Fixed reading text strings, booleans and currency.
Also invoked fairly reliable extra function for exploring used data ranges, which made significant memory savings possible for many cases.

2010-03-18 23:24:34 Tree
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