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Read Me

README for gsl/doc .dvi, .ps,.pdf documentation generation

This generation has only been brought up to a usable form.  It still generates erros along the way.
	./mk_pdf_dvi gsl
to update the pdf/dvi/ps documents.
The gsl argument merely determines the prefixs; gsl.dvi, etc...
It should probably do more.  Look at the script above and make them; it simple.
special files in this directory.

mktexi_inc  : added some headers and footers to the output .texi file.  This allows more program to operate on it as an individual file.

testinfo.tex:  copied form the gnu gsl source file.  The octave-forge original ended up replacing "_" in function names and such with a overhead period.

makeinfo gsl.texi doesn't work now in this directory; but I will let the octave-forge gang continue to build it out of the src directory.