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Summary of important user-visible changes for releases of the ga package

ga-0.10.0   Release Date: 2012-04-06   Release Manager: Luca Favatella

** Remove dependency on the "communications" package and require
   Octave version 3.4.0 (or better).  The "communications" package was
   used only for its "randint" function; now the "randi" function,
   introduced in Octave 3.4.0, is used instead.

** Reorganize the unit test suite.  All available tests can be
   executed by running "test_ga".  Fix bug #3287917 (Debian bug

** Rename the package from "Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search" to
   "Genetic Algorithm" as only the Genetic Algorithm is implemented.
   Direct Search will not be implemented in the foreseeable future.