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fixed Log

Commit Date  
[e79fe0] by adb014

more INDEX fixes

2006-10-06 20:50:55 Tree
[26de6a] by adb014

Some INDEX fixes. Many more needed

2006-10-06 10:17:42 Tree
[00edb5] by hauberg

Fixed various INDEX files

2006-10-03 12:56:03 Tree
[deb160] by adb014

Latest mega package manager update

2006-10-02 19:47:38 Tree
[346b31] by adb014

doc updates

2006-10-02 06:22:48 Tree
[89d9d8] by adb014

Documentation updates

2006-10-01 20:36:35 Tree
[31d8f4] by adb014

Makefile fix for clean target

2006-09-12 20:35:02 Tree
[9ae95b] by hauberg

Typo in fixed_point_warn_overflow

2006-09-12 15:04:01 Tree
[77838f] by adb014

Simplify package Makefiles, package all default package files, and remove the redundant Makefiles

2006-09-10 21:18:55 Tree
[ba72ca] by adb014

simple but stupid conversion of test code to test/assert

2006-08-30 23:13:22 Tree
[0d64be] by adb014

More package manager stuff

2006-08-28 20:06:51 Tree
[5d64bc] by adb014

Fix for 2.9.x change to do_index method

2006-08-28 20:03:09 Tree
[2c950d] by adb014

Latest package manager mega patch, but not the last

2006-08-25 19:49:46 Tree
[33f7f8] by adb014

Further package manager updates. All but miscellaneous and audio should build in main/. Some broken symlinks in image and octcdf still

2006-08-25 06:53:05 Tree
[08a84c] by adb014

More package manager fixes. fixed point package now builds. audio and gsl and known to be broken packages still

2006-08-23 22:13:53 Tree
[b75bfa] by adb014

First cut and packaging and test build with configure;make. Works partially, with some broken packages. extras/nonfree to be converted

2006-08-23 19:38:44 Tree
[6d18bf] by adb014

First cut at reworking fixed toolbox for package manager. Probably non-working

2006-08-22 20:15:42 Tree
[5d5a3e] by adb014

remove redundant file

2006-08-22 19:30:27 Tree
[184392] by adb014

Use Fixed points internal version number in DESCRIPTION file

2006-08-21 20:23:58 Tree
[677352] by hauberg

Added a lot of .cvsignore's in main

2006-08-21 18:39:26 Tree
[6b4127] by hauberg

Added DESCRIPTION to fixed

2006-08-20 14:44:45 Tree
[3e402d] by hauberg

Changed the directory structure of fixed to match the package system

2006-08-20 14:43:38 Tree
[f9e6d7] by adb014

Update for API change for octave_value::resize

2006-06-29 12:05:25 Tree
[9fcba1] by adb014

Replace use of FOUR_BYTE_INT, TWO_BYTE_INT by int32_t and int16_t. Include config.h before gripes.h

2006-05-25 21:31:55 Tree
[886b4d] by jwe

*** empty log message ***

2006-05-19 06:58:51 Tree
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