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Summary of important user-visible changes for financial 0.X.X:

 ** `isbusday' has been fixed to accept non-integer values.

 ** `holidays' has been changed to include past dates where the NYSE
    was closed due to exceptional reasons.

 ** `holidays' has been fixed to not count New Year's holidays when it
    falls on a Saturday (Saturday holidays should be shifted to the
    previous Friday except when it crosses a calendar year).

 ** The function month now also returns a string with the 3 letter
    abbreviation of the month number. The functions, year, month, day,
    hour, minute, and second, all accept an optional input argument
    to specify the format of an input date string.

 ** The period option of `fetch' no longer accepts weekly when using
    Google as the backend (Google Finance no longer supports weekly
    historical prices).

 ** The following functions are new at financial 0.X.X:


 ** The following functions had minor bug fixes unlikely to create
    different results from previous versions:


 ** The function datesplit() has been deprecated in the previous release
    of the Financial package and have now been removed.

Summary of important user-visible changes for financial 0.4.0:

 ** The following functions are new at financial 0.4.0:

      cfconv      cfdur      corr2cov      cov2corr

 ** The following functions have been imported from the time package
    which has been removed (it is now simply a dummy package that
    lists the financial package as its single dependency):

      busdate           busdays           datefind      datesplit
      day               daysact           easter        eomdate
      fbusdate          holidays          hour          isbusday
      lbusdate          lweekdate         m2xdate       minute
      month             months            nweekdate     second
      thirdwednesday    today             x2mdate       year

 ** The following functions were made private (`fetch' should be used
    directly instead):

      __fetch_google__    __fetch_yahoo__

 ** The function `datesplit' (just imported from the time package) has
    been deprecated in favour of `datevec' from Octave-core.

  ** The functions `rate' and `irr' should now be compatible with new
      releases of octave.

 ** The function `fetch' should now work properly when using google
    finnance to adapt to the UTF-8 file received.

 ** The function `dateaxis' should no longer enter in debug mode at the
    end of its call.

 ** The package is now dependent on the io package (version 1.0.18 or
    later) since the functions that it depended of from miscellaneous
    package have been moved to io.

 ** Package is no longer automatically loaded.