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+\par  Function File: [\textit{bc}] \textbf{=}\textit{ DirichletBC }(\textit{FunctionSpace, Boundary\_Label, Function\_handle})\textit{}\\
+\begin{quotation}\par Specify essential boundary condition on a specific side. 
+The input parameters are
+          \begin{itemize}
+\item \textit{FunctionSpace} is the fem-fenics space where we want to apply the BC
+\item \textit{Function\_handle} is a function handle which contains the expression that we want to apply as a BC. If we have a Vector field, we can just use a
+vector of function handles: \textit{Function handle} = [@(x, y) f1, @(x, y) f2, ...] 
+\item \textit{Boundary\_Label} is an Array which contains the label(s) of the side(s) where the BC has to be applied. 
+        The output \textit{bc} is an object which contains the boundary conditions
+     \par \textbf{See also:} Mesh, FunctionSpace.
+        \end{quotation}