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 control-2.6.2   Release Date: 2014-mm-dd   Release Manager: Lukas Reichlin
+** hinfsyn, mixsyn
+   By default, hinfsyn and mixsyn compute now an optimal instead of a
+   suboptimal controller.  Furthermore, Matlab compatibility is improved if
+   hinfsyn/mixsyn is called with more than three/four input arguments.
+   (Thanks to Thomas Vasileiou for the gamma iteration)
+   The old behavior (sub-optimal controller) can be restored by the expressions
+     hinfsyn (P, nmeas, ncont, 'method', 'sub')
+     mixsyn (G, W1, W2, W3, 'method', 'sub')
 ** ss
    The conversion of realizable descriptor systems to regular state-space form