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Code Log

Commit Date  
[r5910] by hauberg

R2009-06-07 release

2009-06-07 14:28:03 Tree
[r5909] by hauberg

Don't abort because a single doesn't build

2009-06-07 13:39:42 Tree
[r5908] by hauberg

Point to latest bundle

2009-06-07 13:39:17 Tree
[r5907] by hauberg

Updated for the new release

2009-06-07 13:38:05 Tree
[r5906] by hauberg

Update to work with more recent versions of Doxygen (using 'doxygen -u')

2009-06-07 12:19:35 Tree
[r5905] by hauberg

Point to latest bundle

2009-06-07 11:38:12 Tree
[r5904] by hauberg

Update version

2009-06-07 11:21:13 Tree
[r5903] by hauberg

Update version

2009-06-07 10:48:48 Tree
[r5902] by hauberg

Add headline to page

2009-06-07 10:43:06 Tree
[r5901] by hauberg

CONTENTS files should only be used first levels of the directory hierachy, hence the file was removed

2009-06-07 10:39:12 Tree
[r5900] by hauberg

Allow compilation with Octave 3.2

2009-06-07 10:16:15 Tree
[r5899] by hauberg

Update requirements due to mlock API change

2009-06-07 10:08:53 Tree
[r5898] by hauberg

Allow compilation with Octave 3.2

2009-06-07 10:08:15 Tree
[r5897] by hauberg

Update version numbers

2009-06-07 09:53:42 Tree
[r5896] by lindnerb

fix building windows toolbox for octave 3.2.0 on mingw32

add -luuid when building __COM__.oct as mingw does not include it by default
use "sort" method instead of "qosrt" for string_vector object in

2009-06-06 15:26:41 Tree
[r5895] by treichl

Restore file.

2009-06-06 14:09:20 Tree
[r5894] by treichl

Build scripts for 3.2.0 and cleanup.

2009-06-06 14:08:28 Tree
[r5893] by lindnerb

add CLN and ginac build scripts and patches, add them as dependencies to

2009-06-05 20:42:12 Tree
[r5892] by lindnerb

add netcdf-4.0 build script and patch, add as dependency to

2009-06-05 20:36:01 Tree
[r5891] by lindnerb

add build dependencies for octave 3.2 to

add the following dependencies:

2009-06-05 20:32:44 Tree
[r5890] by lindnerb

modify libtool only if necessary to avoid timestamp changes

Use instead of a simple mv when fixing up libtool to avoid its timestamp being changed causing an unnecessary rebuild of the source code

2009-06-05 20:30:29 Tree
[r5889] by schloegl

some cleanup, and minor improvement

2009-06-03 20:28:12 Tree
[r5888] by highegg

fix option handling in parcellfun

2009-06-03 08:00:07 Tree
[r5887] by fpoto

Now it works with scalar observations, too.

2009-06-02 10:05:07 Tree
[r5886] by highegg

reap children using waitpid, suggested by Travis Collier <>

2009-06-01 07:54:14 Tree
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