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Read Me

This package contains codes used to measure Octave's speed, resource usage etc.
It can be used to benchmark Octave running on different platforms, compiled
with different configurations, of different versions, or even Octave vs. Matlab
(if applicable).

Each benchmark should have the form


% <Copyright>

% function benchmark_my_benchmark (arg1, arg2)
% description:
% <description of the benchmark>
% arguments:
% arg1 = <description of arg1>
% arg2 = <description of arg2>
% results:
% result1 = <description of result1>
% result2 = <description of result2>

function results = bechmark_my_benchmark (arg1, arg2)

benchutil_default_arg ('arg1', <arg1 default value>)
benchutil_default_arg ('arg2', <arg2 default value>)

% the argument is mandatory and MUST be mfilename!
benchutil_initialize (mfilename)

<code for result1>
result1 = toc;
benchutil_set_result ('result1')

<code for result2>
result1 = toc;
benchutil_set_result ('result2')

% yes, that's all!

the benchmark can then be run
benchmark_my_benchmark (100, 100)

for more info, see existing benchmarks