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[db5c0f] by adb014

More package manager fixes. fixed point package now builds. audio and gsl and known to be broken packages still

2006-08-23 22:13:53 Tree
[4359be] by adb014

First cut and packaging and test build with configure;make. Works partially, with some broken packages. extras/nonfree to be converted

2006-08-23 19:38:44 Tree
[93a570] by hauberg

Converted directory structure to match the new package system.

2006-08-20 11:50:37 Tree
[d3d2d2] by qspencer

Remove conditionally compiled files and others present in octave 2.9.5.

2006-03-29 13:51:42 Tree
[14c474] by qspencer

Change calls to 'system' function to reflect new ordering of output arguments.

2006-03-22 17:50:47 Tree
[7727c1] by pkienzle

Use int16/int32 rather than int/long internally and in returned sample format

2006-02-20 01:00:38 Tree
[1d36de] by sjvdw

Read 2-channel files correctly.

2005-12-06 08:18:22 Tree
[0386dc] by pkienzle

[for Bill Denney] setstr -> char

2005-09-08 03:12:29 Tree
[e85870] by pkienzle

[for Bill Denney] isstr -> ischar

2005-09-08 02:00:18 Tree
[5baed0] by qspencer

Fixes bug reported on octave mailing list by Iain Murray. Avoids warning
message about file open mode, and fixes an incompatibility for big-endian

2005-08-22 18:50:17 Tree
[a1af3a] by adb014

fix for single/double quote issues

2005-05-31 02:55:46 Tree
[d73ed4] by pkienzle

More author/copyright consistency changes

2005-05-25 13:42:56 Tree
[7e21fe] by pkienzle

Author/Copyright consistency

2005-05-25 03:43:43 Tree
[715b84] by pkienzle

Remove X11 header dependencies

2005-02-24 03:52:23 Tree
[f9099b] by pkienzle

[For Julius Smith] read/write parts of .wav files (unlike auload/ausave)

2004-11-16 06:03:28 Tree
[574f82] by adb014

add .cvsignore

2004-07-20 13:52:04 Tree
[21fde8] by pkienzle

Set the correct variable when soundcard is detected

2004-07-13 15:10:23 Tree
[a67272] by adb014

Allow dist, distclean and clean targets to run without Makeconf. Replace include with sinclude in Makefiles. Build fixed and comm docs as part of dist target

2004-07-07 09:38:51 Tree
[2f562b] by pkienzle

Accept aiff or aif as valid AIFF file extensions.
Accept row oriented or column oriented data (assumes number of channels
is less than the number of samples, which in almost all cases will not
be a problem but there will be corner cases where this fails).

2003-10-27 15:44:10 Tree
[857e0b] by adb014

Changes to allow use with latest CVS of octave (do_fortran_indexing, etc)

2003-09-12 14:22:42 Tree
[41838f] by adb014

Start converting hep to texinfo, with aim of converting all help in this fashion

2003-05-17 12:43:13 Tree
[c82d3f] by pkienzle

Don't build aucapture on non-linux systems

2002-11-21 06:57:58 Tree
[1e88af] by pkienzle

Support for floating point wave formats.

2002-09-16 13:04:46 Tree
[5764a1] by pkienzle

Use ssh rather than rsh for remote playback

2002-04-29 13:56:02 Tree
[495fd4] by pkienzle

Split main.idx into individual subdirectories to make it more manageable

2002-04-09 20:49:44 Tree
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