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gd-octave-0.6 release

Hello there,
I am pleased to announce the release of gd-octave-0.6 package,
for Octave-2.9.x or later and libgd >= v2.0 . This release just adds autoload() compatibility and other minor maintenance issues.

As you may already know, gd-octave is a link to the graphics gd library
by Thomas Boutell (www.libgd.org).

ABOUT gd-Octave
gd-octave is a port of the GD library, for the popular free
software, GNU Octave.... read more

Posted by Muthu 2007-11-15

Octave-GTK in CVS

Imported Octave-GTK module into CVS.

Posted by Muthu 2005-06-20

Minor Bug Fix release.

Minor Bug Fix release.
The 'make install' wouldnt run properly in the earlier version 0.3.
So you ought to make a patch [from http://octave-gtk.sourceforge.net\] on the 0.3 and install it.
So this 0.3.1 is acomplete release.

Posted by Muthu 2005-03-28

octave-gtk-0.3 [Galadriel]

Another release of Octave-GTK package that stabilises the installation procedures, and makes it easier. Fixes critical installation bugs in 0.2. Cheers

Posted by Muthu 2005-03-27

Octave-GTK 0.2 Release

Well we are relieved to deliver the goods, if only 2 weeks late. Gosh. Finally Automake is there, but very very shaky. Focus of Release 0.2 will be:
New bindings for GDK, Glib, ATK and Pango
Enumerations, Stock Definitions , some Flags supported from Octave
Timeout event handlers supported.
40+ examples in Octave-GT.
API Documentation
Code restructuring to generalise build process.
Using Autotools, but still very shaky autotooled. Room for improvements. ... read more

Posted by Muthu 2005-03-16

Glade for Octave: Octave-Glade released.

Octave Glade

This is a simple port of GLADE UI Editor, for designing UI's with Octave-GTK

You can design a UI with Octave-GLADE, and have it generate the
Octave file, for using that UI with help of Octave-LibGlade bindings.

On saving the UI design we generate two files:

<filename>.glade & <filename>.glade.m
eg: hello.glade & hello.glade.m

Now you may copy the '<filename>.glade.m' to a '<filename>.m'
and start editing the source.... read more

Posted by Muthu 2005-03-06

Octave-GTK Presentation Slides.

The first Octave-GTK presentation was made
on the 24th of at NIT-Trichy <a href="http://www.nitt.edu">My School</a>.
It was a moderate meeting with lots of energy and hope.
The Website has been Uploaded with the slides.
They are GFDL'ed.

Posted by Muthu 2005-02-26

libglade ported.

Hi Folks!
Our team has added libGlade access from Octave.
Please checkout the source files, and the cool
calculator example. It was really fun to hack libGlade, and it finally adds some teeth to Octave-GTK itself. Hail RAD with Glade/GTK.

Posted by Muthu 2005-02-20

Octave-GTK Version 0.1

Finally, weve made a release of code, Octave-GTK
is now alive, and kicking.
Though it works, and code is auto-generated, we have to do enormous testing work to check if the
work will really pay off.

Posted by Muthu 2005-02-08

Octave-GTK, GLADE &amp; SWIG.

Hi Folks!
Octave-GTK is nearing its first alpha version of pure
GTK bindings for GNU Octave.
Our [scilab] API clone for the Octave GUI is also
GLADE layout editor for making Octave GUI modules
is being taken up by our folks.
We are planning to write a SWIG module for Octave as well.
We are a brave GNU world.

Posted by Muthu 2004-12-21


Hello Folks!
Im happy to announce gd-octave.
GD library a generalpurpose 2-D graphics
library has been successfully ported to

Please go through the file list here,
For downloading and details.

You need:
A standard GNU/Linux distro [Debian,FC2,RH9,Mandrake]
GD Library itself [Old version 1.8.4]
Octave package

To BUILD the package:
tar -xzvf ./gd-octave-0.0.3.tgz
cd gd-octave-0.0.3
cd src
make... read more

Posted by Muthu 2004-10-23

Web site uploaded

Finally we have uploaded a few project related pages on SF site.
More work is planned, meetings with developers in the real world are happening.

Posted by Muthu 2004-10-11

Web site:

The SF web site will be updated by Rams, soon.
Please check the following site for the temporary

Posted by Muthu 2004-07-30


30th July 2004.
Weve made a simple wrapper prototype over
a few GTK+ calls, and we are able to call them
from Octave. We write our first octave-gtk

Posted by Muthu 2004-07-30

Project Work Started.

Yesterday [20th July 2004] was the first meeting
of ideas between the four developers,
Hemant, Manik, Muthu, Rams. The road map
was fixed and jobs delegated.
Go Octave-GTK+ team.

Posted by Muthu 2004-07-21