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OCERA / News: Recent posts

Linux socket API for RTLinux: onetd 3.0 released

The new release of onetd, an API to access linux socket from within RTLinux threads is now conform to BSD socket API. It allows the use of all Linux drivers and networks underlying the linux socket API from a Realtime thread, giving RTLinux thread access to wifi, ipsec and bonding linux feature.

Posted by Pierre Morel 2005-01-06

LinCAN 0.2 released

LinCAN is a set of CAN-BUS Cards drivers for LINUX and RTLinux developed as part of the OCERA project. The new version 0.2 includes a RTLinux realtime driver, a virtual board for test purposes and support for new cards.

LinCAN is a Linux kernel module that implements a CAN driver capable of working with multiple cards, even with different chips and IO methods. Each communication object can be accessed from multiple applications concurrently.
It supports RT-Linux, 2.2, 2.4, and 2.6 with fully implemented select, poll, fasync, O_NONBLOCK, and O_SYNC semantics and multithreaded read/write capabilities.
It works with the common Intel i82527, Philips 82c200, and Philips SJA1000 (in standard and PeliCAN mode) CAN controllers.
The driver has been successfully tested with following boards:
PC104 Advantech PCM3680 dual channel board on 2.4 RT-Linux enabled kernel, PiKRON ISA card on 2.4.and 2.6 Linux kernels, BfaD DIMM PC card on 2.4 RT-Linux enabled kernel, KVASER pcican-q on 2.6 Linux kernel, and the MICROSPACE msmcan on 2.4 Linux kernel with and without RT-Linux support.
The virtual board was also tested on all systems.

Posted by Pierre Morel 2004-04-02

ORTE 0.2 released

ORTE a free implementation of real-time publisher-subscriber (RTPS) communication protocol. The version 0.2 is the last stable version and is published with a lot of applications examples. It support different plateforms: LINUX, OCERA, RTLinux, RTAI and Windows.

ORTE (OCERA Real Time Ethernet)is a free implementation of real-time publisher-subscriber (RTPS) communication protocol.
This new application protocol layer targeted to real-time communication area is suitable for control/command in distributed systems.
ORTE is running on the top of standard UDP/IP stack.... read more

Posted by Pierre Morel 2004-03-30

OCERA 1.0.0 released

OCERA provides Linux with Industry standard functionalities, permiting embedded system developers to access all these benefits. Release 1.0.0 is the first stable release with a modified Linux/RTLinux-GPL kernel allowing real Quality of service scheduling, support for Fault-Tolerance and Realtime Ethernet.

OCERA Release 1.0.0 is based on
- a stable Linux kernel 2.4.18 on which the scheduling has been modified to provide Bandwidth Reservation scheduling (your video don't suffer from intense activities)
- RTLinux 3.2, greatly enhanced to provide a lot of new realtime features like b
arrers, dynamic memory allocation, posix signals and posix trace, and a new sche
duling system allowing Bandwidth reservation (you video does not suffer from rea
ltime activity)
- New drivers for CAN Bus systems
- A realtime Ethernet implementation using Publisher/Subscriber algorithm
- Support for developping fault tolerance applications
You can download the tarball directly from sourceforge:
or browse the CVS for unstable development releases.

Posted by Pierre Morel 2004-03-26

February 23-24, 2004. 5th Tech. Meeting in Aix-en-Provence

February 23-24, 2004. 5th Technical Meeting held in Aix-en-Provence

Posted by Adrian Matellanes 2004-03-25

OCERA took part in the 5th Real-Time Linux Workshop

Organized by our partner Univerdad Politecnica de Valencia, OCERA took part in the fifth Real-Time Linux workshop held in Valencia. Several presentations about OCERA results were presented to the audience. See http://www.realtimelinuxfoundation.org/events/rtlws-2003/ws.html

Posted by Adrian Matellanes 2003-12-03

September 22-23, 2003. 4th Technical Meeting held in Madrid

Visual Tools hosted the fourth OCERA Technical Meeting on September 22nd and 23rd.

Posted by Adrian Matellanes 2003-12-03

2nd Review Meeting held in Valencia. May 6th, 2003

We had a successful Second Review Meeting in Valencia on May, 6th.
As a result, the first OCERA release will be available soon!
Stay tuned!

Posted by Adrian Matellanes 2003-05-07

February 10-12, 2003. 3rd Technical Meeting held in Paris

Our Third Technical Meeting was held in Paris during February 10th and 11th, 2003. On 12th we visited the CEA robotics lab in Fontenay-aux-Roses.

Posted by Adrian Matellanes 2003-02-13

November 12th, 2002. 1st Review Meeting held in Prague

November 12th, 2002. First Project Review Meeting held in Prague

Posted by Adrian Matellanes 2002-11-13

October 14th-15th. Second Technical Meeting held in Pisa

Our Second Techical Meeting was held in Pisa, October 15-16.
Thanks very much to our Pisa partner for the great organization!
Minutes will be published soon.

Posted by Adrian Matellanes 2002-10-16

CVS tree created

CVS tree has been created today in sf.net according to the structure discussed in Prague.
We will begin checking in it soon. You can browse it here http://cvs.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/ocera/#dirlist

Posted by Adrian Matellanes 2002-07-10

July 1st-2nd, 2002. First Technical Meeting

We had the first Technical Meeting in Prague, July 1st and 2nd, 2002.

Posted by Adrian Matellanes 2002-07-10

April 16-17 2002, Kickoff Meeting

Ocera kickoff meeting was held in Benicasim (Spain) on April 16-17, 2002. There we all discussed about project goals, admin issues, decided to use sf.net, etc...

Posted by Adrian Matellanes 2002-07-10