Unable to request IO-memory:0xda00

  • edward

    I'm going on my work on pcm3680 and linux. I downloaded lincan-0.3.1 and prepatched_linux_kernel-2[1].4.20-rtl.tar.Then I intalled prepatched rtlinux kernel and compiled lincan-0.3.1. When I inserted the can.o moudule,the wrong message appeared.

    the command I excuted: insmod can.o hw=pcm3680 irq=5,9 io=0xda00
    the wrong message: 
    can.o: initializing sja1000p chip operations
    can.o: initializing sja1000p chip operations
    can.o: unable to request io-memory:0xda00 
    can.o: error to request io resources for devices
    can.o: no can devices or driver setup error
    can.o: can_del_mem_list: no entries on the list - ok

    anybody help me,thanks!

    • Pavel Pisa
      Pavel Pisa

      I am strongly confident, that memory address 0xda00 is given as
      mistake. This is address, which ins under 640kB on PC hardware.
      Typical address is 0xda000 . The Linux does not use DOS addressing
      schema (seg*16+offs, 0xda00:0x0000). So try that. Check that
      memory range doe not overlap with some resources on CPU board.
      Interrupts 5 and 9 are typically free for users boards on PC-104
      platform, but double check that in the case of problems.