Plans for Kernel 2.6 (Debian 3.1)

  • Rod Longhofer
    Rod Longhofer

    Hi, being new to OCERA we downloaded the Debian dist. and after 14 disks, realized this was for 2.4 kernels. Should we download the older version of debian, or is there a pach that will work with 2.6 kernels?

    • Sorry, but until now there are no plans for porting OCERA to 2.6. The amount of code to be rewritten is a lot, so by now we are still thinking of it.

      Part of the software (i.e. specific modules) have indeed been ported to 2.6. So, if you are interested in a specific subset of the modules (i.e. only Linux or only RT-Linux or only communication, etc.), please let me know, I will redirect your question to the implementors of the requested module.