That sounds a bit confusing :p. I might just import draw and widget or something like that. By the way-what is the attachment that you attached to the previous email? I looked at it but it is only gibberish. Thanks for your time.

On 2/21/06, Marcus von Appen <> wrote:
On, Tue Feb 21, 2006, Kevin Field wrote:

> Hi,
> I am creating a pygame script for bowling but have been having trouble with
> creating objects like rectangles. OcempGui seemed like a good choice for
> ease of use, but I came up with an error for installation.
> When I run python install in the command line given by windows, i
> get this error
> error: package directory 'ocempgui' does not exist.
> Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong? I am doing this on my P: drive
> at school, and python is installed on C:. I do not have access to C: with
> explorer, but I can get to it with command line.

Sounds like you do not have write access to the python installation
directory on C:. Make sure, you have or install the package to another
prefix using the --prefix argument. Unfortunately you might have to
patch the ocempgui/widgets/images/  file to make sure, it
uses your new prefix and not sys.prefix.

There might some other errors occur, which I am currently not aware of.
If this is the case, tell me and we surely will find a solution.


Kevin Field