External Catalogs?

  • Mike Phillips
    Mike Phillips

    I was fortunate enough to observe and photograph the thin galaxy IC 2233 (Needle Galaxy?).  I'd love to add this to my OM, but I don't have an IC catalog and don't think it goes by any other names.  Any ideas?


    • Dirk Lehmann
      Dirk Lehmann

      Hi Mike,

      congrats on your observation.
      You can create a new Object of type Galaxy and enter manually the specific data for IC2233.
      Unfortunatly IC is currently not part of the catalogs I ship and importing new catalogs is possible, but only by means of writting some java coding.
      Maybe I can add IC with the next version...

      Hope this helps


  • Hi Oleg,

    thanks. Adding more and more catalogs to OM is a endless task. I already thought about a Cartes du Ciel Plugin, so that you can receive the curent selected target from Cartes du Ciel in OM and simply create on observation for it.
    The problem on this is (like in directly using catalogs), each catalog has an different format, when it comes to more details. Some add additional names, some don't. Some list the discover, some list this and that. So I know that having more and more catalogs would be a nice thing, but a tricky thing to archive as well.

    Best regards