OM could use Project field

  • Great start with Observation Manager!
    Can you add a field in the observations that would define a Project?
    There are multiple catalogs to select from but if I have a project like the Herschel 400 I would like to find all my observation for that project and print or create a HTML file for it.  If I were to just create a file for each project I would not be able to cross reference observations.

  • Dirk Lehmann
    Dirk Lehmann


    thanks for your suggestion. I like the idea with the project, but I think a single observation could than be part of several projects right? (As an object is not only part in one catalog).

    I think the best approach with the current version is to create one huge "herschel 400" session (with the start date of the projcets begin and an end date somewhere in the future) and add all observations to that session. With that yoiu can directly see all observation to that project in the left side tree and you can export all of them as HTML.

    Another more geeky approach would be e.g. use the accessories field to "tag" those observations and create a own XSL file that only transforms those tagged observations. (With that you woudn't sacrifice the session field, but you wouldn't also be able to see them all sorted in e.g. the tree view.

    The best solution (and also the by far most technical solution) would be to write your own Herschel400 OM extension, that comes along with the catalog. With that you could benefit also from e.g. the OM statistics function. However this solution requires some Java sprogramming skills.

    And finally, it's not the first time I think about adding the herschel 400 as an catalog to the standard OM DeepSky extension (besides the (HC)NGC, Messier, Caldwell)

    However I hope OM is somehow helpful for you nevertheless.

    Best regards