#102 Friel 1994 taxa

Wasila Dahdul

Friel JP. 1994. A Phylogenetic Study of the Neotropical Banjo Catfishes (Teleostei: Siluriformes: Aspredinidae). Durham: Duke University.

Olivaicichtys viedmensis as a misspelled synonym of Olivaichthys viedmensis
Hara jordoni as a misspelled synonym of Hara jerdoni
Belonoglanis tenius as a misspelled synonym of Belonoglanis tenuis
Acanthicus histrix as a misspelled synonym of Acanthicus hystrix
Pseudopimelodus zungaro add as a synonym of Pseudopimelodus schultzi
Hemidoras carinatus as a synonym of Doras carinatus          
Megalodoras iriwini misspelled synonym of Megalodoras irwini (which is a synonym of Megalodoras uranoscopus)
add Pseudobunocephalus iheringii
add Pseudobunocephalus lundbergi
add Pseudobunocephalus rugosus
add the following:
Glyptothorax sp. (Friel 1994)
Akysis sp. (Friel 1994)
Chaetostoma sp.  (Friel 1994)
Loricariinae sp.  (Friel 1994)           
Loricaria sp.  (Friel 1994)          
Panaque sp. (Friel 1994)          
Liposarcus sp. (Friel 1994)          
Sturisoma sp. (Friel 1994)          
Pseudopimelodus sp. (Friel 1994)   
Amblydoras sp. (Friel 1994)          
Leptodoras sp. (Friel 1994)          
Pseudobunocephalus cf. bifidus (Friel 1994)           
Pseudobunocephalus sp.     (Friel 1994)       
Bunocephalus cf. knerii (Friel 1994)           
Bunocephalus n. sp. 1 (Friel 1994)           
Bunocephalus n. sp. 2 (Friel 1994)           
Bunocephalus n. sp. 3 (Friel 1994)           
Bunocephalus n. sp. 4 (Friel 1994)           
Bunocephalus n. sp. 5 (Friel 1994)           
Bunocephalus sp. (Friel 1994)          
Amaralia n. sp. (Friel 1994)       
Pterobunocephalus sp. (Friel 1994)           
Xyliphius cf. lepturus (Friel 1994)          
Xyliphius cf. melanopterus (Friel 1994)          
Hoplomyzon n. sp. (Friel 1994)          
Hoplomyzon cf. papillatus (Friel 1994)           
Hoplomyzon sp. (Friel 1994)          
Ernstichthys. sp. (Friel 1994)          


  • Wasila Dahdul
    Wasila Dahdul

    Also please add:
    Pseudobunocephalus bifidus

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  • Wasila Dahdul
    Wasila Dahdul

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  • Wasila Dahdul
    Wasila Dahdul

    For Ernstichthys. sp. (Friel 1994) --- TTO : 10000640
    Please remove the period after the genus name.

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