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objSQL 3.7.0 Released

  • Added helper methods obj_cols, obj_data, obj_limit, obj_offset, obj_order_by, obj_sort_order, obj_table and obj_where
  • Moved many iterators and conditional statements from main objSQL class to static helper class - improved code readibility
  • Verified compatibility with PHP 7 Alpha x64
Posted by MT Jordan 2015-06-22

objSQL 3.6.0 released

  • Verified compatibility with PHP 5.6 x64
  • Verified compatibility with SQL Server 14 on x86 and x64
  • Dropped support for nested transactions
Posted by MT Jordan 2015-02-11

objSQL 3.5.2 Released

Verified compatibility with the Oracle 12c database server

Posted by MT Jordan 2014-11-11

objSQL 3.5.1 Released

Maintenance release to verify compatibility with PHP 5.6. See changelog.txt for specifics.

Posted by MT Jordan 2014-09-13

objSQL 3.5.0 Released

Posted by MT Jordan 2014-04-18

objSQL 3.4.0 released

This version adds support for the Oracle DB Server

Posted by MT Jordan 2014-01-01

objSQL 3.3.0 released

The release adds support for the Firebird database server.

Posted by MT Jordan 2013-11-10

objSQL 3.2.0 released

The release adds support for the PDO drivers and PHP 5.5.x.

Posted by MT Jordan 2013-09-08

objSQL 3.1.0 Released

This minor release adds support for the CUBRID 9.1+ database server. Support for PHP 5.3.x dropped.

Posted by MT Jordan 2013-05-26

objSQL 3.0.1 Released

This minor release adds support to the objSQL class for SQL Server 2012. Fixed bug in obj_paging helper method where last_page element returned all rows (num rows) regardless of where clause.

Posted by MT Jordan 2013-04-21

objSQL 3.0.0

objSQL 3.0.0 released. This is a major rewrite of 2.1.0 and breaks previous versions. Includes upgraded prepared statement support and additional helper methods.

Posted by MT Jordan 2012-10-21

objSQL 2.0.0 Released

objSQL 2.0.0 adds helper methods: insert(), delete(), select(), update() and server_version(). The DB connection, transaction and sequence methods were encapsulated and classed for each particular database driver. Some methods were removed or were renamed in the standard PHP syntax.

This version, 2.0.0, breaks previous versions. This is mainly due to the renaming of public methods.
It is recommended to use this version with new projects.

Posted by MT Jordan 2008-03-15

objSQL 1.3.0 Released

This release adds support for the Ingress 2006, MaxDB and Sybase ASE servers.

Posted by MT Jordan 2007-04-12

objSQL 1.2.0 Released

objSQL 1.2.0 is a minor release which fixes a problem with extending the class. The datasource class was renamed to objSQL and breaks previous versions. See objSQL_1.2.0_docs.zip for more info.

Posted by MT Jordan 2006-09-17

objSQL 1.1.0 released

objSQL version 1.1.0 has been released. This adds support for IBM's DB2 database server and transaction support for SQLite.

Posted by MT Jordan 2006-04-16

objSQL 1.0.4 Beta mssql driver bug fix

The mssqlResultset driver had a strtoupper function in the getField() method and this was removed. Still not sure why it was even there. This has been updated in the downloads.

Posted by MT Jordan 2006-04-04

objSQL 1.0.4 Beta released

openSource Partners announces the first Beta release for objSQL, a PHP5 based database access layer for multiple database types. It currently supports Firebird, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite and SQL Server.

Posted by MT Jordan 2006-03-22