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#115 Have a contest to see if anyone can crack the swizzle

Security (5)
J. Scott Edwards

After feature request #1848641 (store key on USB stick) is completed, have a contest to see if anyone can crack it. My thought is to import a small raw pcm file of a snippet recorded from a vinyl LP with pops and clicks. The file should be almost the length of the sequence table (4096 * 244 = 999,424 bytes). Provide the compressed file of the archive, the password, and the key file with the last block of the swizzle table changed from the real swizzle information to 08, 09, 0a, etc. So essentially, the file can be exported except for the last block. The winner is the first person to send the complete file.


  • In stereo at 44,100 Hz that would be between 5.665635 seconds and 5.665669 seconds.