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oBiblioOPAC for Joomla! / News: Recent posts

New Release

There are a new one for the community! ;)

This new release has some new new features and it also has a phpTranlator update.

Have fun, folks!

Posted by Adriano Vieira (harpiain) 2006-04-04

oBiblioOPAC for Joomla! New realease

I'm proud of anounce this new release and I believe this new one is the final. ;)

I need to thanks the community feedback that promote this component new release and some bug has been fixed and also some feature.

I appreciate all new feedback that you could tell me about this new version (1.0.0-6).

Have fun.


Posted by Adriano Vieira (harpiain) 2006-03-03

oBiblioOPAC for Joomla! - Community release

I'm proud of release this new version of the oBiblioOPAC for Joomla.
This new one has an administrator interface for translation possibilities.
Now everybody could use this component with Joomla! and OpenBiblio side-by-side.

PS: I built a packace (phpTranslator) for the component, but it can be used by every other aplication because it is a great class in PHP.

Posted by Adriano Vieira (harpiain) 2006-02-14

The last Brazilian package release (0.0.1-14)

This is my goal, if none serious bug be found, of course!

I find some bugs at last versions and I fixed it. For now I'm working in it to release a community package.

This comming soon new package tend to be a tanslatable package with an especific tool for this.

Have fun!

Harpia In

Posted by Adriano Vieira (harpiain) 2006-02-03

New realease

The main goal of this release is solve some bugs and to fix the project site address inside some scripts.

No one new feature have been added since the 0.0.1-11

Therefore, it still in Brazilian Portuguese. ;-)

Posted by Adriano Vieira (harpiain) 2006-02-03

obiblioopac4j first release!

This release (obiblioopac4j-0.0.1-pt_br) is in Brazilian Portuguese only.

Sorry for this, but I didn't have time to build the package in another language (like English). Soon I will upload a version/release for the community in general.

Posted by Adriano Vieira (harpiain) 2006-01-23