#13 Add picture to Bibliography

Marcus Bautze

I got the task to add a field to the bibliography, in which
a preview-picture of the bibliography is shown, so i added
such a function. I didn't wanted to change the database
format, so i added a new MARCField (902a) for this
Filename. The Modifikation to add a Image-Field i will
attach as diff-file. I someone's needing the modified files
please ask.


  • Marcus Bautze
    Marcus Bautze

    Diff-File to add a Picture to Bibliography

  • Micah Stetson
    Micah Stetson

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    Thanks! Several people have done something like this --
    everybody seems to want it. I think Dave needs to review
    the different implementations to see which he wants to
    include in the distribution. But until that happens, people
    who want the feature may find your implementation here in
    the tracker and be able to use it. So thanks for giving the
    users an interim option. Your implementation will also
    serve to let people know that it's been done -- something we
    failed to do (sorry). We'll let you know what Dave decides
    as soon as he can get to that.

    Thanks again,


  • Marcus Bautze
    Marcus Bautze

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    And i found something, i've forgotten:
    if you have already a running version of openbiblio, you
    have to add some data to the database (is not a change of
    database-format, this are only new datas), you have to do
    (in mysql):
    insert into usmarc_indicator_dm values
    insert into usmarc_indicator_dm values
    insert into usmarc_subfield_dm values
    (902,'a','Bibliography Picture','N');
    insert into usmarc_tag_dm values (9,902,'Additional

    (if u use a other language substitute "Undefined",
    "Undefined", 'Bibliography Picture', 'Additional Fields' with
    the words in your language)

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    How can this patch be installed on a windows 2003 webserver?

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    It's the patch that I'm looking for!

    But I need modified files for OpenBiblio 0.52
    Can u upload it to here?

    Thanks before....

  • Juan Roberto
    Juan Roberto

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    how can I patch OpenBiblio 0.52 with it

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    Hi, I've got the file downloaded addpicture.diff but how am I suppose to implement this into 0.60. Any help appreciated.

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    How to use this DIIF file in version 0.6.0??

    In Portuguese: Como faço para usar este arquivo DIFF na versão 0.6.0?


  • Hi!... I already downloaded the patch, but I'm not sure about the patch command syntax..

    I try with:

    patch <addpicture.diff

    but it just says:

    (Stripping trailing CRs from patch.)
    can't find file to patch at input line 2
    Perhaps you should have used the -p or --strip option?
    The text leading up to this was:
    |diff -bwir openbiblio/catalog/biblio_fields.php openbiblio-new/catalog/biblio_fields.php
    File to patch:

    Can you help me??

  • Micah Stetson
    Micah Stetson

    This patch doesn't work with recent versions of OpenBiblio.

  • Micah Stetson
    Micah Stetson

    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date